Start of my Arduino based Android tank dosing and monitoring system.

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With my busy schedule I'm always forgetting to dose the Excel my tank needs so I decided to invent a solution! I've made a Bluetooth controlled Arduino dosing system. The way it works is you set the time on the Kindle that you would like to dose every day and every day at that time the kindle sends a signal to the Arduino telling it to dose for a certain number of seconds set in the Arduino code. I chose to have the Arduino handle the dosing duration time for safety measures in case for whatever reason the Bluetooth failed. I plan on buying one of cheap dosing pumps off Amazon to handle the dosing. I eventually plan to add in more sensors such as temperature and PH so real time data about the aquarium can be displayed on the Kindle. What I love about this is there is so much room to expand it and add more things such as more dosing pumps and sensors and etc. The Bluetooth controller is a JY-MCU and I'm using an Arduino Nano. The relay I'm using is just a Paralax single relay board I had laying around. The reason I didn't solder a normal relay is is really only just because I didn't have the space and I like the screw Terminals on the Paralax relay. I plan on adding this all into a Radio-shack project box with the dosing pump mounted on the box as well.


The code is super simple and basic. When the Arduino receives "1" from the kindle via Bluetooth it turns on the pump for the delay amount. I might add a potentiometer to control the delay amount to allow calibration without reprogramming. I made the Android app in MIT Appinventor. The Arduino code is as follows.

int pumpPin = 9;
int state = 0;
int flag = 0;
void setup() {
pinMode(pumpPin, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(pumpPin, LOW);
void loop() {
if(Serial.available() > 0){
state =;
if (state == '1') {
digitalWrite(pumpPin, HIGH);
if(flag == 0){
state = 0;
flag = 1;

Here is also the "Schematic" I made for the wiring (sorry for the bad drawing.)

Dosing pump.png
That's all for now hope you enjoyed I will be happy to answer any questions.
(Also not sure if this is in the right place)
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Update: I built a case for the Control circuit! I think I'll use a piece of acrylic with a large hole drilled in it mounted to the inside of the stand to hold the dosing pump and have extra holes in case I ever add more pumps.

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Super cool project!
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Cool project, add an auto top off in to the mix also.
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Part two of my Android/Arduino automatic dosing pump.

Sorry for the long time between the next update on this project. This is part two of my dosing pump. Part one is . I've had a of a time with this project. Finally have it up and working after one fried Arduino(Left) and one Arduino I hit with the drill while drilling holes in the case(Right). I ran out of patience and supplies to make another board so I said screw it and decided to go with an Uno and a little breadboard that holds the calibration potentiometer and Bluetooth unit. I'm mad because this new version looks sloppy compared to my fairly professional looking and much more compact boards. I'm hoping one day to take the time to design a PCB on a computer and get it professionally printed so I can have all of this on a more compact and neat board. I attached pictures of this project below. Some changes I've made to the project are I found an old project box to enclose everything and I've added a fan to circulate air through it to prevent corrosion. The blue cable plugged into the Uno is just for programming purposes I'll unplug it and fasten the Arduino to the case once I'm ready to install this to the aquarium. The video is just the finish of calibrating it to dose 6 ML. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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It's finished and installed!!! I added an led light to it as well to give me a small amount of illumination underneath my stand. I get my bottle of Metricide 14 in the next few days and I have it set up to dose 6.1 ml for my estimated 85 gallons of water every day at 6am. Any questions comments or concerns are welcome

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