Start new fish tank 180l


Hi everyone
I have question about my new tank i plan get bigger shopping 2morrow and wont make shure i will buy right staff so
External filter or eheim or oase 350
Biomedia seachem matrix
Chemical media seachem purigen
Mechanical media filter flos and some sponges for removing bigger organic waste
Tank hardscape:
1st level lava rock
2nd level tropica soil in half of the tank
And 2nd half decoration sand becouse will like create triangle composytion
Bogewood and migium size stones glue to wood to keep everyting on the bottom.
Plenty plants dont decide yet will see 2morrow.
Water will be treat by prime and stability.
1st week everday 50% water change
2nd week erery second day 50%
And 3rd week one time a week 50%
Will use also tropica green fertilizer.
So what you think guys about this?
This will cost me big money and i dont wont mess up.
Also can i use purigen and matrix 2gether?
And can i start adding fertilizer from 1st day or wait about week becouse soil will relise nutritions to water collumn and if i add fertilizer this will cuse algae boom.


Purigen removes organic materials similar to carbon (chemical) and matrix is a bio filter so yes they can be used together. I don’t see an issue with the routine, I assume you means you’ll be water changing during cycle. Long as you use your prime with each change I actually recommend water changing with cycle. Especially with plants in a soil which probably releases ammonia. Stability is not really needed. If you want to go that route I prefer Fritzyme 7/700, more effective.

I do not know much about that soil but I assume it will be releasing ammonia. Just make sure ammonia is plentiful while cycling. Your water changes will discourage plant melt with all the ammonia, so I think this is a viable plan.

As far as ferts, I always hold off until the plants ask for it, especially with soil. But with all those water changes it may be needed. Just watch them. It is easier to bounce back plants with nutes than have algae take over a brand new tank, which will happen to some degree anyways.
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I would add at least one more thing to your shopping list. That would be a test kit so you can keep an eye on the progress of the cycle. I recommend an API Master Freshwater Test kit. It is as reliable as we need it to be specially for the price and much more reliable than test strips.

I guess you know something I don't and that is why you are doing all these water changes? :D
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