starfish + coral splicing....


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I have a large blue starfish, i think it is the most common kind, i see pleanty of them in all my LFS's.

i have read and heard that they have the ability to regenerate if spliced down the centre with a very sharp one edged blade.
(razor, scalpel etc) thus potentialy ending up with two stars...
i was sceptical that this would work, but i have noticed burried in the bottom of some live rock displays that there have been star fish that seem to have been cut in half... could this be what they are doing?

is it too much of a risk that it wouldnt work and lose it? (not that they cost much) but i dont want to kill something for no reason...

i have also heard that certain soft corals and leather corals are the same... for example, mushroom coral, if they are spliced down teh centre and placed on some rock base, they will host themselves on the rock and regenerate into two seperate mushrooms...??

has anyone ever tried and or had success??


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I don't know about corals.
I do know that starfish can survive being cut in half, and as long as each half has part of the stomach, and will regenerate missing tissue.
I don't know how well this works in tanks. In the ocean, there isn't as heavy a concentration of waste, and the waste in the tank might harm its ability to survive.
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