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I have a choclate chip star . its health was good for mounths. and know it will not move .it has ben in the same place for 3 or more weeks. and it will not eat anythig that I give it. can anyone help ?? ??? ???
kimbajaya how is your star fish? I'm afraid I don't know much about saltwater. Maybe somebody will come along and be able to help you.
I don't know much about saltwater either but I did read that the chocolate chip is very slow and will not get its food unless you place it right next to its mouth
wow I didn't know there were different types of starfish.  Heck I've never seen one either.  But then, I'm just a newbie...sigh... :-\


what do you feed it? have you tried multiple foods? do you put the food adjacent to it? nething else special about it?
I know this post is really old, but people keep reading it and there aren't that many responses... so to all future readers, here goes nothing.

Chocolate Chip starfish (and any other healthy starfish) are VERY active. I personally watched a chocolate chip star detach from a glass tank wall, fall onto a FISH, wrap its apendages (very quickly) around the fish (which was healthy and part of my collection!) and procede to ingest the entire fish in less than 36 hours!

Sand Sifter Stars are also very cool to watch, they will dissapear underneath the sandy substrate and reappear minutes, hours, or days later on the other side of the tank!

Starfish are amazing creatures. Color, Activity, and Feeding patterns are all tell-tale signs of their health. There are as many kinds of starfish as there are inverts in the Saltwater arena... in my option they are a must for any Saltwater tank, no matter how big or small!

Hope you enjoy the info, have a great day!
Thanks for the information Flameangelfan. oh and welcome to FishLore! If you haven't already stop by thewelcome forum and let us welcome you properly

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