Stange White Spikes on BP's Heads


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We have some BP's where I work that have some strange White spikes that come out of their heads. The spikes come and go but when they get them the affected fish stop eating and just kind of hover in one area of the tank. I don't know the tank parameters but can say that the tank has been set up for over 6years so it is definatly cycled. They are fed standard fish flakes (I know they should get Cichlid specific food but I have no control of that). In the tank there are about 10BP's and 2 Common Plecos. Our LFS cannot figure it out but most of the LFS's here don't know what they are talking about (one sold me 2 Bettas to put in the same tank... Didn't work out).

Don't look at my profile as this is a work tank and won't be on my profile.

Please help me figure this out as we are all stumped on this one. The only thing I can think of is that when the fish are fed thay tend to hit their heads on the top glass in the excitement of eating.

Thank you for the help

photo 3.jpg photo 1.jpg photo 2.jpg

BTW these spikes stick out about .2cm to .5 cm
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Good morning,

I'm concerned about the white area under the fishes eye, or beside the eye. Is this the spike you are referring to?

Sounds like it may be a water quality issue but I can't say for certain.

Are weekly water changes being done?

Too, these fish need more to eat than flake food. As a staple, I would suggest Blood Red Parrot Pellets (link below) and supplement the diet with treats such as presoaked Freeze Dried Krill, Earthworm Sticks, Spirulina sticks and other foods. I realize you have no control over this tank, but if you can suggest betters foods, please do.

For now, my best suggestion is to treat with PimaFix and MelaFix. It may help. These can be used in combination:

What size tank are these fish in?

If the fish has bumps from bumping the tank glass canopy, keeping the water as pristine as possible is all that is needed for the fish to heal. I think the white area under the eye is more than a bump, thus the reason for Pima and MelaFix.

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