Stange Bug In My Tank

HI guys,

I found this stange "bug" in my tank last night and was removed straght away, this morning my Otocinclus was dead and my shrimps taking care of the body.

Does anyone know what this strange insect is? 20180501_234849.jpg
I got the siphon as soon as I saw it!

Not sure but it doesn't look aquatic. Have you got a pic after you removed it.
I didnt take one after I removed it.

But it was like a thick ant/spider hybrids haha. Moved fairly quickly too.
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Ever see Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? The part where Indy and Short Round are gonna get crushed by that ceiling caving in? That bug in the film you had, was a smaller version of one of those bugs! >_< D-: OMG...!
It looks like a dragonfly nymph; they like to prey on small fish.
Makes sense! I have had one before but haven't seen in this stange before. I do live next to a my life!

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