1. eiginh

    eiginh Well Known Member Member

    Does this look sturdy? It's made of medium density fiberboard.

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  2. Nick G

    Nick G Well Known Member Member

    Depends on how big a tank you want to put on it? It doesn't look very sturdy to me.
  3. OP

    eiginh Well Known Member Member

    It's on drsfosterandsmith website rated for 20 gallons.

  4. peacemaker92

    peacemaker92 Well Known Member Member

    It looks good. If it's rated for 20 gals. You could maybe put 5 or 10 gals on each level :) It'll look great! I agree with Nick too. It doesn't look sturdy.
  5. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello eiginh. I like the stand. I think it would probably do ok as long as i wasn't placed on carpet. On carpet, I'd be afraid it might tilt over.
  6. c

    click Well Known Member Member

    I agree with Ken. I just changed my steel stand for my 29g. I have carpet and the whole tank was moving when I was passing by. I think the fish felt like there was an earthquake each time the big giant was coming closer to their home. No wonder they were so jumpy.
  7. TedsTank

    TedsTank Well Known Member Member

    I would recommend adding the base to a wider bottom. That set up could be a bit top heavey. With a wider bottom it would be unable to tip. 2 x 4 legs attached to it would work and could be painted to match. 2 or 3 running from the front to back, maybe 6" or more longer than the depth of the stand, centered 3" out the front and 3" out the back.
  8. navyscuba

    navyscuba Well Known Member Member

    I don't trust the stand not even to put a glass of water. :;2cents
  9. DRock914

    DRock914 Valued Member Member

    I have that stand on carpet for a 20 gallon tank. Stand is good. I put 20 20lb weights on the bottom shelf just to make sure it will stay but once you put water in the tank it sinks into carpet. If you buy it, buy it from because you will get free shipping. I also bought my gravel from them (25lb bag), they lost a lot of money giving me free shipping lol.