Stand for my new tank

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I've just bought my 40 gallon tank...
I've been thinking about placing the tank on a dresser instead of a stand
its big enough to place the stand on but my question is;
is it ok to place a tank on a dresser?
I'm not so sure if its sturdy enough...
i'll post a picture later
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A 40 gallon tank is going to be putting about 400 pounds or so on the dresser.
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wow I didnt expect it to put that much weight
but is there a difference between a tank stand and a dresser?
I mean...
they're both made out of
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It's about how the thing is constructed and materials, support structure to hold up that weight without too much strain. We have a dresser with 25g of tanks on it and it's doing fine. Figure about 10lbs per gallon. It could be a little more or less, but that seems to be about average.
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the thing is that I don't want the dresser collapsing on me when the tank is filled with water and gravel, etc. that would be uncool...
and I don't really want to invest much on a stand unless I really have too
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Yea, that's the dilemma. We both stood on the dresser as a 'scientific' test to see if it would support the weight of the tanks, but that really isn't the most reliable way to test out the support ability of a piece of furniture.
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I would think that if the dresser is one made of 3/4" or better solid wood, than it would support the weight,I know a lot furniture now is made with that particle board that can barely support its own weight
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ok these this is the dresser. I think its pretty sturdy cause I tested it also
I sat on it to see if it would hold me up
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I think you would need a center support.

Where is magpie, when you need him!!

I would wait on it, if you can.... to get a more advanced answer.

I put a tank on my sons dresser and 5 days later the thing started to bow and the tank started to tip, we had to drain it ASAP and relocate it, and it was only 20gallons. Water is roughly 8.5 pounds per gallon, so you really need to be sure that the dresser can manage that much weight.

Good Luck!
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wow see now that's scary...
I don't want a huge accident to happen..
I measured the size of the board and its at least 3/4"
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I think you would need a center support.

I agree -- the only things holding up the top are the three sides and those somewhat flimsy boards in front that separate the drawers. There's no really center support on the dresser, so I'd worry about 400 lbs causing it to bow in the middle, too. Or the pressure of the weight causing the sides to bow out, since there're no top-to-bottom corner or center supports on those, either.

Sitting on a piece of furniture would only tell you if it can stand the initial weight load. It doesn't say anything about how the furniture would handle the constant weight load 24 hours a day, day after day.
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hmm so I think I should get a stand...
but most of the stands at the petshops look a bit weaker than this
are they more durable because of the type of wood?
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are they more durable because of the type of wood?

That, and the construction method that's used. If you look closely at them, you'll usually see corner supports where the wood meets, and maybe even some metal supports here and there. The manufacturers will also used thicker wood for the sides, and other tricks to give more support to the load on the top and distribute it more evenly (which is the real trick). One of those tricks is to have the 4 'sides' of support somewhat in from the edges of the top, so that the top is supported closer to its center for more balance and weigh distribution.

If they built stands that couldn't take the weight of the tank that's supposed to go on the stand, they wouldn't be in business very long.
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hmm that does seem to make sense then

well I have a 15 gallon on a stand..well its like a dresser
and after what you've told me ...I think the only reason why its still supporting
the tank is because it has good support
here are the pics
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Yea, that's exactly what I'm talking about. That looks like an older piece of furniture -- they built them better back then.
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Yea, I'd feel nervous putting that heavy of a tank on the dresser, with it's support.
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yeah I might as well go buy a stand
there is like an aquarium shop that makes their own tanks
and they sell them for cheap... (got my 40 gallon for 44 bucks)
they sell cheap stands too
I think its like 30 or 40 bucks
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And the tanks & stands are good quality for those prices?!
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yeah that's the place I bought my 15 gallon
I also got my air pump and heaters for cheap too =]
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Could you get them to open a store in Denver?! ;D
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haha highly doubt it lol
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If the side supports and drawer dividers are at least 5/8" thick or better, that will be fine for a 40 Gallon. Make sure that the luan ply backboard is nailed on all four sides to prevent racking, not just the left and right. It's gotta be nailed, glue won't cut it.

I had my 55 on a lowboy dresser for years (1990-1994) before I built into the office shelving, my 6 year old now uses that dresser.

edit: what do the legs on the dresser look like? How are they attached?

second edit, saw the base answered my own question. Try a test fill, a leak test if you will on the dresser for a day or two. Since the tank isn't cycled yet, it won't hurt to wait a day. Fill it w/ H2O but no other stuff (gravel. rocks, etc) Listen for creaks, groans etc. Snapping sounds are bad and drain quickly. Light creaks aren't a big deal. After 24-48 hours under load, take a long straight ruler or level and check to make sure the sides and back are still straight. if so, drain, decorate, refill and cycle.
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well I figured that I want to be on the safe side so I'm going to go buy a stand tomorrow
I don't want to risk it you know... =\

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