Stalled Cycle?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Dirzo90, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Dirzo90Valued MemberMember

    Hello Everyone,

    I haven't added ammonia in about a week. Nitrites were 5ppm+ and nitrates were 150ppm+. I did a 75% water change 48hrs ago, and added Dr Tims Bacteria. My nitrites were 2ppm after the water change and nitrates were at 40 ppm.
    My nitrites are currently at 5ppm+ and nitrates are still at 40ppm. Thoughts?
  2. Gourami-28Valued MemberMember

    Well i think your cycle is not complete do u use any artificial bacteria enzymes to produce benefitial bacteria?
  3. notyocheezValued MemberMember

    Based on this link  

    You can try adding some ammonia in.

    When was the last time u added dr tims?

    Edit: disregard obvious question. Did u have any ammonia readings beforehand? What are they now?
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  4. Dirzo90Valued MemberMember

    Dr tims one and only live bacteria yes. And that was added after the water change. 48 hrs ago.
  5. Dirzo90Valued MemberMember

    4ppm added with ammonia twice. About a week ago was the last time. 0ppm reading today as well. Ph is 8.2
  6. notyocheezValued MemberMember

    sorry for the late reply. are nitrites still the same? hows your tank setup, circulation, temp?
  7. Dirzo90Valued MemberMember

    Hello there. My readings were ammonia 0ppm nitrites 5ppm+ and nitrates 40 ppm.
    I dosed prime two caps full yesterday and checked this morning. And nitrites were down to 1ppm and nitrates 80ppm. The prime helped the bacteria eat up the nitrite. I dosed 1ppm of ammonia this morning, I will check readings later. My setup is 29 gal tank. Temp is at 80f. Two filters running with sponges and biomedia only. An aquaclear 30 and fluval canister 206. Sand substrate. Two plants helping with the nitrate a bit. Have seen some growth on the plants in 3 weeks.
  8. notyocheezValued MemberMember

    I was about to say that within those two days, ur bacteria metabolized the ammonia into nitrates. The second nitrifying bacteria takes longer to develop, so that may be the case?but now ive seen ur nitrates rise up to 80ppm while ur nitrited dropped to 1ppm, which is a good sign because that means the second bacteria are growing to a sufficient size.

    plants prefer ammonia over nitrites, and then nitrites over nitrates (Ive read that somewhere). Ur plant growth may also be from ammonia dosing. Do u dose any other ferts or nah?specifically carbon?

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