Stalled cycle ?? Please advise.

  1. HOWsMom

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    leeishom Valued Member Member

    BB starts to fade off when the PH gets low, i think around 6.0 below.
  3. Z

    Zia Valued Member Member

    Right after my nitrites dropped to 0 when fishless cycling, my nh3 slowed to a near stop. I added less for a week, and one morning: everything was processing in 12 hours! Hang in there!
  4. MindTravel3r

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    Do you know if your pH levels have been dropping or if your water source is simply very low to begin with?

    I have read that the bacteria go dormant at a pH at 6.0 or below. I don't know what the pH of your water source is, but I might consider a large water change, and then raising the ammonia level back up to 2 ppm.
  5. Aquarist

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  6. OP

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    Okay - I changed out about 50% of the water today. Hopefully that alone will help.
    It got rid of a lot of the tannins - my water is still coloured, but not quite looking like a tank of tea.