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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by nanzey, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. nanzeyValued MemberMember

    I have a planted 10 gal. Fully cycled. Aqueon filter and hood (it came with incandescents which I've replaced with color max florescents)
    Current inhabitants are a male betta and 3 Amano shrimp.
    I have noticed the surface doesn't get much movement from this filter.
    I tried adding an air stone before I moved the fish in and it helped tremendously but it drenched my hood so it's currently shut off until I come up with a solution.
    Other than being kind of unsightly are there any issues it could cause? I assume these are bubbles but it does look a little filmy on the surface.
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  2. cborden

    cbordenNew MemberMember

    You might want to get an airline valve to adjust the amount of bubbles. Just a thought. Good luck.
  3. Fettuccini

    FettucciniWell Known MemberMember

    It can interfere with gas exchange in the water, but other than that it shouldn't be a real problem. You can always just soak the stuff up with a paper towel, but long term, you'll want to do something to provide some surface agitation.

    Edit: Didn't notice you said it was a betta tank. In that case, it probably isn't going to cause any issues at all.

  4. Redshark1

    Redshark1Well Known MemberMember

    Can you put the filter outlet at the surface of the water?

    I just did this with my 11 gallon planted African Dwarf Frog tank yesterday when I noticed a film.

    I drove a small plant pot into the gravel and rested the filter on this so the outlet is at the surface. I pointed the outlet at the glass so it wouldn't create much current.
  5. Mwh7

    Mwh7Valued MemberMember

    The film will get really thick, like mucus if you don't take care of it. It will make water changes, and feedings a royal pain. There is a slight chance the Betta could also potentially end up not having access to the surface, which would slowly, and eventually suffocate it. I would recommend getting a small airstone with a valve to control how much bubbles are released, and the issue will clear right up.
  6. Secret OasisValued MemberMember

    I disagree on saying something affecting gas exchange shouldn't be a problem, good gas exchange is essential to a healthy tank.

    I do agree with others on getting a airline valve
  7. OP

    nanzeyValued MemberMember

    Ok thanks all.
    I've got the airline all set up... It's just the matter of figuring out a solution for the hood.the bulbs are slightly exposed and when I ran the bubbler for a day (with the lights off for testing) the entire hood, bulbs and outlets were pretty much drenched.
    I let it dry out for 24 hours before using the lights again.
    What's the suggestion? A piece of glass? Plastic? Then does the hood just sit on top of it?

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  8. Secret OasisValued MemberMember

    you can buy a versa-top hood or use a solid piece of plastic but versa-top's imo would look alot nicer
  9. OP

    nanzeyValued MemberMember

    I was just looking at the versa top lid. I don't think that will work under my hood. It looks like I wouldn't be able to access for feeding etc. maybe I need a piece of plastic or glass that's the length of the tank but only a width enough to to cover the light fixture plus some extra. ?

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  10. Mwh7

    Mwh7Valued MemberMember

    You probably can get a strip of acrylic cut at home depot or Lowe's that fits the dimensions of the light.
  11. OP

    nanzeyValued MemberMember

    I will def look into this. Sounds like a nice (cheap) solution. Thanks!

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  12. Secret OasisValued MemberMember

    ohh theres a hood but no plastic piece to protect the lights thats odd.Unless the only ones ive seen are the ones with the plastic pieces and theres other types?
  13. OP

    nanzeyValued MemberMember

    Here's a pic of the hood. I'm thinking maybe I can get glass or plastic and cut to 19.25" x 6" which would cover the lights and innards of the hood but still leave a bit of access from the hinges panel and room for the HOB.
    My only concern is that it won't be wise enough to and water will trap between the glass and the lights. Ugh.
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  14. New Fish in TownWell Known MemberMember

    An air stone will help get rid if the oil. I get that in my 20 gallon after feeding my fish. I just make sure the out put line on my canister filter is always pointing up enough to ripple the top of the water. That keeps it clear.
  15. Secret OasisValued MemberMember

    OH YEA, i remember now I had a hood like that on my 10g terrible design to be honest.

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