Spurs vs Heat Prediction!


MiamI Heat vs San Antonio Spurs

My Prediction is 4-1 Spurs

Giving that the Heat had trouble with Roy Hibbert and David West in the Eastern Conference Finals, I don't see them beating thee greatest PF/C to ever play the game, TI'm Duncan. The Spurs has a pure center with Splitter which IMO can start in any other team. The bench for the Spurs compared to the Heat is just ridiculous, you got Ginobli(future hall of famer), Gary Neal, this dude is a beast if he moves onto another team, Matt Bonner and DeJuan Blair(IMO another player that can start in another team.. The only upside for the Heat I see in this series is Lebron James, lets face it, KawhI Leonard will make his legacy if shuts down James this series, but I just don't see that happening. The Heat will be a one man show like it has been throughout the playoffs, stop James and you win. oh yea, good luck to Mario Chalmers stopping Tony Parker, that aint happening!

Let the games begin!


4-2 spurs


4-3 Spurs


4-1 Spurs
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