Spotted puffer diet

Okay I know about what pufferfish eat and the beaks and everything. But i feed a diet of bloodworms and snails and idk if thats all the nutrients they need. Anybody who owns spotted puffers or figure 8s what is the staple diet u give?
They will survive on snails and bloodworms, but the more variety the better. I recommend adding frozen/freeze-dried krill soaked in vitamin water, and/or shrimps/crawfish gut-loaded with algae wafers to the diet. Mine live with a bunch of baby ghost shrimps but never mess with them however.
If you have access to a yard, puffers also love pillbugs/sow bugs/woodlice or whatever you call them in your area. Those are actually crustaceans, so they have the crunch needed for the puffer's teeth. Plus no parasites that will survive an aquatic environment.
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