Spotted Hoplo Catfish Care Guide


Spotted Hoplo
(Megalechis thoracata)

Common names:
Hoplo, Spotted Hoplo, Hoplo Catfish, Port Hoplo, Armoured Catfish, Armoured Hoplo, Black Marble Hoplo, Hoplo Cat.

Size: 12-15cm

pH: 6.0 – 8.0

Tempº: 18ºC - 28ºC

Tank region: Bottom layer

Origin: Widespread across Northern South America.

Gender: The first ray of the male’s Pectoral fin is slightly orange, and thicker than that of the female. When in breeding condition, males will have a more colourful belly.

Notes: The Hoplo Catfish is closely related to the popular Corydoras genus, and in many ways can be regarded as a much larger Cory in the aquarium. These fish are a boisterous and gregarious species, which should be kept in small groups.

Hoplos are best kept in a large tank with a sandy substrate, and whilst they come from very still waters in the wild they can adapt to a faster current in the Aquarium. Hoplo Catfish are very peaceful, making them a good choice for a large community tank. All in all, this is a very adaptable and hardy bottom dweller for larger tanks.
Image: The Hoplo Catfish is by no means colourful, but is a very attractive fish nevertheless.
Megalechis thoracata 2.jpgMegalechis thoracata 3.jpgMegalechis thoracata 4.jpgMegalechis thoracata 6.jpgMegalechis thoracata 8.jpgMegalechis thoracata 11.jpgMegalechis thoracata albino 2.jpg

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