Spontaneous Tiny Hydro Plantlets?

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So I get howe from school today to find some tiny little plantlets, one sitting on a developing amazon sword and another on a mass of algae and wisteria. They both look like little Hydrophylla plants, but I cannot tell which. Now bear with me now but I cannot take a picture right now so I'll just have to give a description. The only two hydros it could be are wisteria (Hydro Difformis) or a new one I got called Hydrophylla "Willow". Now the Willow really had a terrible time acclimating and was getting pinholes until my new ferts came in. I only managed to have one of four portions actually stay rooted with my pleco always stirring stuff up. I got lazy and allowed a stem of both difformis and willow to be floaters. I'm pretty sure willow isn't that good as a floater but I'm wondering if in it's dying breaths it somehow sent off tiny plantlets?? The leaves of the plants look like the willow being spear shaped unless difformis does the same when young. Can I get a lil' help please sorry for the long post.
(Side note but am I being dumb and it isn't possible for hydro plants to do this sort of thing?)
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