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So I have two 2.5gal tanks I bought (nothing in them yet) and I’m looking for a good filter. I heard that sponge filters are the best.

I never used one before so any advice will be great! I also heard you have to attach an air pump to it.

So what sponge filter do you recommend?

Also, is there an air pump I can use for two tanks at the same time or do I have to buy two separate air pumps for each tank?


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To be honest most sponge filters are pretty similar. I personally like this style because it lets you direct the output but this kind is usually easier to find. As far as air pumps go yes you can definitely connect both to one. I personally like the tetra whisper because of how quiet it is. Whatever pump you get you won't really need anything rated for higher than 10 gallons seeing as you're just using it for 2.5gs. If it only has 1 output like the tetra you will need a T connector or a splitter. That last link also provides a check valve which will make sure if anything happens the water won't go back into the pump. Splitters also tend to have control valves so you can adjust how much air goes down the line- I on't really recommend using them because after a while they wear down the pump. If your bubbles are coming out too strong though you can instead get a 3-way splitter and let some air out of the pipe without a filter attached.
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