sponge filter in a pond.

So here it goes, and don't hold back any criticism.

A few months ago a dug a small pond. It has a 4ft diameter. So what, somewhere of a hundred gallons?

It is basically a stagnant pool. There is nothing running in there. No pumps, filters, aeration, nothing. But I do 50 plus gallon water changes every week.

I do have two very small goldfish in there. I'm guessing I have maybe 2 months left before I move them inside so I'm not so keen on setting anything up right now. And I move in the spring so when its shut down I'm filling it in and will re-build when I move.

My question is if anybody has heard of using sponge filters in ponds? I get anxious when I think about skimmers or filters and the powercords. I wouldnt know where to connect them to. My idea was keeping the air pump inside, running the airline tubing outside and protected with PVC piping and into the pond.
Sponge filter might work for a little while but a pond is also dealing with a lot more organic matter. But if your moving in spring, then I'd chance it seeing you only have 2 fish.
its better than nothing .
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Not sure how much it would do but anything that stops it from stagnating must be good
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Okay, thank you

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