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Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by AllieSten, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    I am curious about sponge filters and gph. Do they actually have a gph rating? I just added what I would consider a medium sized sponge filter to both my 29 gallon and my 10 gallon. Mostly to have backup seeded filters, but I am hoping to get rid of this horribly noisy Tetra 20i in my 29 gallon. I do have a Seachem Tidal 55 power filter that will remain in the 29 gallon. It's just that the 20i is where all my bacteria currently lives. So keeping it on the tank for a few weeks to seed the Tidal and the sponge filter. The Tidal 55 has a 250gph and I was wanting at least 300gph. So I am hoping the sponge filter I have will make up the difference.

    Here is the one I got. It doesn't say anything about gph at all.


    Amazon.com : Jardin Fish Tank 6-Layer Sponge Biochemical Water Corner Filter, Black : Aquarium Filters : Pet Supplies
  2. Vxx7Valued MemberMember

    I would think it's more the size of the air pump it's attached to and what setting you have that on :)
  3. AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    Ohh that makes sense. The one in the 10 gallon has a 5-15g pump on it. I can't find any of the details on the other pump. They are both Aquaculture and I am sure they came in a kit. So I am going to assume that the one in the 29g is a 10g. One just looks older than the other. I have another larger fluvall airpump that sounds like a jet plane it is so loud. So don't want to use that one. I have a Tetra whisper 10g also as an extra.

    So what would that work out to? I assume that I multiply it by something.
  4. Vxx7Valued MemberMember

    Honestly, I don't even know what my air pumps rating is, just that if I turn it up high then everyone gets blown about the tank so it made sense that the gph would be higher the more air it moves. I think the main reason it's so hard to get information like this is because it's a bit of a fishkeeper DIY trick rather than something made by a big box company. It took me three fish/pet stores to even find someone who knew what a sponge filter was and didn't try to sell me sponge filter media instead.

    I'm tempted to say try it out and if your cycle holds and you don't notice any stress in your fish then it's probably picking up the extra 50gph :)
  5. AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    I just ordered 2 Tetra Whisper air pumps 20-40 today. These two air pumps I have are so loud it is driving me a bit crazy. So I figured I might as well just get two that will at least work for my tank. I am getting another 10g today to set up as my quarantine tank. So With the gang valve/splitter I can run an airstone in one tank and the sponge filter in the other. (They will sit next to each other)

    One of the descriptions of my current airpump said it circulated 1200cc/minute. 1 gallon = 3,785 cc's. Roughly 1/3rd of a gallon per minute. So 3 minutes for 1 gallon. That would mean 60 minutes for 20 gallons or 20gph. If my math is right, does that sound right to you? I wonder if someone else knows for sure.

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  6. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    I don't really follow the ratings for the air pumps. I get bigger pumps for taller tanks and when I'm going to split the air into multiple sponge filters.
  7. BottomDwellerFishlore VIPMember

    Sorry can't help. Sponge filters confuse me so much. I just got a huge airpump but it's got an adjustable flow and lots of splitters so the flow is adjustable more. Sorry that doesn't really make sense.
  8. AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    I totally agree!! I am a straight forward numbers kinda person. Sponge filters do not make any sense. I am just going to treat it like an extra piece of filter media and use it to seed a new tank or a hospital tank, and forget I even have it in there. lol

    I just want someone to say if you have your 10g airpump turned up to high with a sponge filter it will equal 10gph. Is that so hard?! haha

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