Sponge Filter For Qt / Fry Raise Tank

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    Hope this finds well everyone. Even I've kept aquariums for long time I never repaired in a QT/fry tank, new comers goes to the main tank after acclimated and fry, well … always eaten in the main tank.

    I'm planning to keep a QT / fry raise, this will be the second (or third) after the display tank (100G)

    Do you have a preferred setup/size for such (QT/fry) ?

    I was thinking on a small (5.5/10) setup, planted, sand substrate, sponge …

  2. KinsKicks

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    I really think this depends on the size of your fish you're QTing or what your wanting to breed. Imo, unless you QT a giant fish, a 20g is a good size for most fish to temporarily stay in, a couple of fish, or a school. A 10g would be fine if you want to QT smaller fish (like a couple of guppies or killifish for example) but not anything bigger than something 5-6in.

    As for breeding, I don't use anything less than a 20g; in fact, I use 2, 20g for breeding as by the time my fry begin to get crowded in one tank, I am able to sex them and put them into the other tank to continue to grow. I think a 10g would be fine for smaller fish that produce smaller fry or in smaller quantities; but you will want a larger tank so they are able to grow well.

    And, in both situations, I am a fan of using only a sponge filter, bubbler, and barebottom+ no plants. 10x easier to medicate if need be (for QT, and a lot of meds arent plant-safe), clean, and seeing those itty bitty fry.

    Hope this helps and best of luck!
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    A ten gallon would be good for QT. If you just move the fry over from the main tank and not have the fish breed in it a five gallon works great.