Spikette's feeling the heat

  1. bleedingheartmommy Member Member

    I have a few questions but my first is about the heat. I have a rehabilitated betta (@aquaphobia has helped me tons!) Named spikette, I'm pretty sure she has droopsy but is...was doing great. I live in Seattle and were having a heat wave from he...you know what I mean. It's 92° today and my fish is acting weird again, well more like NOT acting like anything again. She is clamping her fins (she's never done this before). She wont come up to eat, and she doesn't flinch or move from her hidey cave. With her being less then healthy this frightened me. I checked her tank and it shows 82 on the temp. I immediately turned off her heater, cause my baby is used to colder water (76-78 depending on the rain and humidity) my questions is, does heat make fins clamp, I know cold does but this is throwing me.

    The second is about a random black snail with one yellowish dashed stripe that runs the length of his shell, and I'd he is eating or hurting the big Anubis in the tank, but I need pics for that question i think....

    Thank you all.
  2. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    I believe heat can cause stress, lethargy, ex. But I'd wait for more replies. Perhaps you have a baby assassin snail? If so I'd take it out since, well, it's an assassin and will kill your other snails.

  3. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Can you test your water parameters? I don't know whether a few degrees above normal would be enough to bother a betta, I know it makes my fins clamp!

    Have you done a water change recently?

    Is Spikette's tank anywhere near a window or in a room that experiences temperature fluctuations?

    Can you post a picture of the snail? Sounds like an unusual type of snail for a hitchhiker.
  4. bleedingheartmommy Member Member

    Yea she is in the kids'room, next to a window. I'll change that, i was planning on moving her to the living room bc she prefers to be social and the kids' room keeps her isolated. Im About to do a 25% water change once I finish writing this. And I'll take a pic of 'gary' too... he rode in on that Anubis I think he's eating (the poor things getting shabby) from petsmart. I'm starting to loathe that store. Pics to come, water change and test to do first. Will post parameters of the water also.

  5. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    It could be that the temperature in her tank is going higher than you realize and then dropping when the sun goes down. It may even have been spiking to dangerous levels at certain times of the day.
  6. bleedingheartmommy Member Member

    I'm mostly sure no sudden spikes, I am super smitten with my rescue betta, I bug her (visit her) upstairs about every 2 hours. I keep the heater set at 79° so it won't get cold at night, but we don't have AC to regulate the heat.

    Also: does anyone know how to move a 5 gal tank? Should I take most the water and Spikette out first, it has to be moved down stairs before it gets hot this a.m so hopefully she doesn't have a day like yesterday!
  7. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Yes, I've moved a few! Remove most of the water before trying to pick it up. It's doable at about half full if you're strong but it's not good for the seals. I would take it right down to about 2" of water and put Spikette in a traveling container to protect her from sloshing against ornaments and tank stuff:)

  8. bleedingheartmommy Member Member

    Thanks again for your wisdom! Lol oh yea, did some googling and the snail- is a tracked nerite snail, who can't breed I'm freshwater so phew on that one lol...I'm still working on what's wrong with the Anubis..

    The blue girls tank has cooled some but shes still unhappy, why are fish so hard?!?! I had NO clue how much goes Into fish keeping, I have such a respect for those who know how to do it RIGHT.
  9. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    So do I!;) I'm nowhere near experienced enough to consider myself able to "do it right" but I've learned a lot here. Started with one betta fish that I almost killed and now successfully (I think) taking care of Angelfish!

    Spikette may just need some time to recover from the temperature spike. It may have got a lot higher when you weren't looking at the thermometer, maybe a stray sunbeam hit the tank square on, who knows, but she needs time. The stress could have triggered a low-grade illness that she needs to fight off. If I were you I would keep the lights off on her tank and maybe add some Indian Almond Leaves or the extract and just let her rest. Oh and keep that water clean;)
  10. bleedingheartmommy Member Member

    She died yesterday a.m. I went in to feed her after a 2 day fast, I checked on her at 5 am, then came back in at 8 a.m. and she was laying dead on her side. She died hungry is the worst part, it makes me sick to my stomach.

    My son wants to save another poor betta (he's got moms bleeding heart...), but this time from a "death cup" at the pet store... according to him, it's what "Spikette would have wanted, and will make her smile in heaven". I can't stop crying long enough to type this, so clearly I'M not ready to move on, but in the meantime what should I do to keep or make the tank ready for the next? I have to make sure I do better, so our next Betta doesn't suffer the same fait as our beloved Spikette The poor Tracked Nerite snail Gary, is all alone in the 5.5 gal tank.... I never was able to get Spikette's tank established, all her readings were always 0s, so no bacteria colony developed either. Do I need to feed the snail or Anubias plants? Should I leave her old carbon filter in and keep all units active and running (heater, lights, power filter)? I sure wish I didn't have to be asking these questions right now.

  11. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Oh no, I'm so sorry x

    If it were me, I would leave everything running. You don't need to feed anything unless the tank doesn't have any algae growth for the snail to eat. Then you might want to offer a clean spinach leaf or bit of zucchini if you don't have any algae wafers. I don't even know if nerites will eat fresh veggies but it's worth a try.

    Then when you're ready (I love your son's reasoning, he sounds wonderful:)) you can go together and find a betta who wants to be taken home with you. You'll know when you see him...or her;)

  12. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    I'm so sorry, this is very unfortunate.:( I don't think I can help with your questions, but you did a good job with her. The next betta will be very lucky to be in your care, once your ready. S.I.P Spikette.