Spikette's feeling the heat

  1. bleedingheartmommy Member Member

    I have a few questions but my first is about the heat. I have a rehabilitated betta (@aquaphobia has helped me tons!) Named spikette, I'm pretty sure she has droopsy but is...was doing great. I live in Seattle and were having a heat wave from he...you know what I mean. It's 92° today and my fish is acting weird again, well more like NOT acting like anything again. She is clamping her fins (she's never done this before). She wont come up to eat, and she doesn't flinch or move from her hidey cave. With her being less then healthy this frightened me. I checked her tank and it shows 82 on the temp. I immediately turned off her heater, cause my baby is used to colder water (76-78 depending on the rain and humidity) my questions is, does heat make fins clamp, I know cold does but this is throwing me.

    The second is about a random black snail with one yellowish dashed stripe that runs the length of his shell, and I'd he is eating or hurting the big Anubis in the tank, but I need pics for that question i think....

    Thank you all.
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    82 shouldn't be too much of a problem for him as Bettas like it warm, for once we're having warm weather here & some of my tanks are hovering around 80 (usually around 74) & none of the fish seem to be bothered by it.
    Have you tested your water? clamped fins can sometimes be an indication of a water quality issue.
    The snail question I can't help with & yes pics would help our snail keeping members ID it for you.
  3. bleedingheartmommy Member Member

    Spikette died this a.m.... I feel like a truck hit my family. I have so much guilt as this a.m. was the end of her 2 day fast to try an alleviate bloating,i ç ecked on her at 5 this morning and she seemed fine. i went in to feed her and she was laying on her side. so she died hungry. I wish I would have never done that.

    I am beside myself. I never knew I could be so emotionally invested in a fish. Death is hardest for the living.
  4. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Sorry to hear she didn't make it :(
    Don't beat yourself up over it, you did your best & that's all we can ever do.