Special 55gallon Stocking (read Description)

  1. Scope Member Member

    So Im looking for a fish that is very personally and a smart fish with a personality, kind of a “wet pet” I was thinking flowerhorns , blood parrots , but those are just examples, think of any fish that will be in a tank by itself maybe adding tank mates in the future but more of like a dog personality in a fish !! Please put your opinions below! (No small fish)
  2. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

  3. Scope Member Member

    Not goldfish something semi aggressive and I said fish^^
  4. Scope Member Member

    Semi aggressive or aggressive
  5. Culprit Well Known Member Member

    Big tanks, big fish. Oscar, or if you want to spend big bucks, arowana. Blood parrots are very aggressive
  6. Scope Member Member

    Best answer so far, any more ideas?
  7. Culprit Well Known Member Member

    Hmmmm. Not really smart but aggressive pirhanas. Red devil, severum, midas. African cichlids would be kind of fitting. They are semi-aggressive and have personality.