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Discussion in 'Reptiles' started by Sharkdude, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Sharkdude

    SharkdudeWell Known MemberMember

    So my young Citrus beardie has become very spastic as of late. Impossible to handle without a chase and the last two times we've picked him up he's bitten us. Our others have never done this and we've done nothing different. Any suggestions on how to calm him down other than maybe a Zanax lol.
  2. EchostaticWell Known MemberMember

    How old? They sometimes go through a bratty "teenage" phase.
  3. Butterfly

    ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Has somebody startled it lately? Maybe one person handling it with gloves for awhile. Let us know how it goes please.
  4. OP

    SharkdudeWell Known MemberMember

    It gets startled just by approaching the tank. It's like 8" long including the tail, it was like 5-6" when we got him.
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  5. OP

    SharkdudeWell Known MemberMember

    How long does the brat phase last? As far as handling goes, he tries to escape when we do manage to pick him up. He's gotten loose a couple times from this.

    We are very close to selling him, like if someone had the money he'd be gone.
  6. EchostaticWell Known MemberMember

    Hold him "gently but firmly" until he eventually stops squirming and settles down. He will sooner or later. Once he relaxes, then put him back. It'll teach him that struggling doesn't get him what he wants, but being calm will.
  7. EchostaticWell Known MemberMember


    That would be your best bet for good info though. I posted there for years.
  8. OP

    SharkdudeWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks echo, I'll try that. I like that site alot. They have a list of herp vets, our vet which we only went to once has to look in a book for what to do. And hes got some black spots on him that need attention.

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