South American Cichlid Tank in Progress

  1. Brokenshadows34

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    Indiana, USA
    Hey, everyone!

    I'll probably use this post/thread to track my progress with this tank, and for any comments/advice/ideas from you. Any and all are welcome!

    My goal: to make my 45 gallon cube aquarium into a heavily-planted tank complete with driftwood and maybe rocks to (even vaguely) resemble a South American river.

    My target stock:

    (2) angelfish
    (2) German blue rams
    (4-6) red eye tetras
    (4-6) black phantom tetras
    (1) butterfly gold-spot pleco

    Here's what my tank looks like now:

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1406585408.646608.jpg

    The clips on my glass top keep breaking, so I'm going to make a screen top instead. That huge screen is just temporary.

    My current fish are: two angelfish, one female molly, one Congo tetra, four red eye tetras, four black phantoms, and my butterfly gold-spot pleco.

    My plants are a mix of live and artificial now, with some wisteria in the front left, red ludwigia to the right of the skull in the center, and a pathetic-looking java fern to the left of the skull. I just bought them all two days ago, and they look a lot better. I've been adding Excel every other day.

    I have a nice-looking chunk of mopani wood that I've been soaking for months on end, but still stains the water brown. I'll add it once I re-home the Molly and the Congo tetra.
  2. ppate1977

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    Columbus, Ohio, United States
    Looks good.

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