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SOS: would anyone know that this is. I have this yellow blood parrot and today I noticed these marks in the fin. Is this an infection? It is on and around the left fin. Rest of the body is clean. Could it be a scuffle / fight mark or sign of ill health. Any suggestions and next course of action.

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Welcome to Fishlore! I'm sorry you're having an issue.

Can you provide us with more information?

What size tank is he in and what other fish are in there with him?

Water parameters (pH, temp, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates)?

How often do you do water changes and how much do you change?
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Thanks Tex below is what you have required about.
This is a 10 gallon tank with 4 blood parrots in it 2-3 inches each. I plan to upgrade the tank soon.
The PH=7 , ammonia and nitrites are near zero and nitrate is 60-80 in the last 2 weeks. Prior to that it was in sub 40 range.
I do 50 % change every week
Use seachem prime+stability+cichlids trace.
Have started to dose Paraguad since yesterday.
Tank runs on Flubal 206 with Purigen+Matrix+biofoam. And has another HOb with De nitrate

The 1st pic of the BP that has it eaten today evening while the one in the 2nd pic is eating ok
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I know you said you plan to upgrade your tank soon, but 4 blood parrots can not be in a 10 gallon tank. And when you say "near zero" what exactly do you mean? Any amount of ammonia and nitrites are bad for fish, and your nitrates are on the high side. You want them at most around 40.
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API test kit reads them at zero.
I plan to upgrade coz all 4 of them are about 2 inches right. Or in a month or so I will move them to a bigger tank
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You should upgrade them now. They are probably stressed from being in too small of a tank, and being stressed can make them more susceptible to diseases.

Even though they have deformed mouths, it could be from aggression from another BP. Please get them a bigger tank sooner than a month.
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Welcome to the forum and glad you decided to join us. How long have you had them? What size tank do you plan to upgrade them to? Alison
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Have had them for a coupe of months. Plan to put them In a 120l / 40 gallon tank
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A 40 gal tank is still too small for 4 BPs. 55 gal minimum for 1, and a 125 gal would be a good size for all 4.

And if they've been in the 10 gal for a few months, they may be stunted.
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How on Earth can you even look at four 2 - 3 inch BP's in a 10 gallon without cringing? No offense.... but picturing that in my head really makes me cringe!

I don't think there's any question what's wrong with your fish. Aggression and stress and poor water quality.

If the only thing you're able to upgrade to is a 40 gallon , you should rehome 3 of them and just keep one. That would be the most Humane thing for you to do. In the meantime do 50% water changes every single day and go get a 40 gallon for $40 at Petco. Or a 55 for $55! ASAP!!! SOS!!! And decide on just one to keep... put it in a 40 or 55 and stock some other smaller fish around him.

Honestly I'm just looking out for you and your fish I'm not trying to be rude please don't take it that way!
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Thanks for the advise. Will surly keep this in mind while upgrading. Could you suggest what fish size to tank size are you using as a reference point. I am quite in line with 1 inch per gallon. Just want to understand this better so that I don't make the same error again.
Also coming back to tackling the immediate problem at hand any suggestions for that or you suspect it to be a direct correlation of tank size only
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The inch per gallon rule is a terrible, outdated rule that should be completely ignored. In that line of reasoning, a 10 inch fish is fine in a 10 gal tank.

I would imagine that in an appropriately sized tank, the aggression issues will lessen or disappear. For healing this wound, large, frequent water changes will help.

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