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  1. k2_18

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    I don't understand! Almost everyone on here is discouraging others from keeping a sorority because of flaring, nipping fins, etc...soooo...I'm posting pics of my tank:

    Sorry it's messy[peas, algae] but I haven't done my second 50% WC on this tank[I do 2x 50% WC's on all my tanks...each week] this week. It's coming tomorrow...but I'm waiting to send the floating plants out to a person on here [and on my forum. :D]...


    My stocking is:

    2x Angelfish [massive, bought 2-3 years ago....WERE in a 55gal, but they got aggressive and I put them in the smaller 29]
    7x Female Bettas [my point! All live in harmony!]

    In pecking order:







    Soo...I hope this can encourage people to try it, but don't get me wrong, I do have a million tanks on stand-by if needed, but ALL of my FM bettas have gotten along so far! :)
  2. Furallicah

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    K2_18, I'm sorry but I have to add in my input to this. I have tried the all female betta tank and it didnt work. And the tank was plently big enough for them. It doesnt always work for people which is why no one suggests it. Its best to keep in mind the safety and well being of the fish themselfs. And plus Boo looks to have a bit of fin ripping looks like nipping. So, I see what you have done and it looks...ok. But I just have to say I do not suggest it. And even when a nice all female tank is going on a year or two with no problems all of a sudden it can happen. Thats just my 2 cents.

    *correction Venus looks to have a bit of fin nipping as well, plus with already two angel fish the tank looks a bit overstocked*
  3. Red1313

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    Welcome to Fishlore :D

    We're not saying that sororities can't and won't work, but that they often don't.
    Often sororities are hard to setup and maintain, and are very stressful during the initial phases of a set up. Some finally settle down and last for years, others for months.

    A lot of members have found that they don't last and are more stressful then the attempt was worth. Others have had success with them. Everyone recommends on their own experience. I'm glad that yours has been successful you have some wonderful girls.

    Note: Here's a link about sororities written up on Betty Splendens:
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  4. OP

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    Furallicah, No, they don't have nipped fins, but they are tore/ripped alittle from flaring...

    And yes, I dislike the angelfish 'cuz they take up sooo much space...meaning I want them gone...but my mom won't let me get rid of them and they were randomly attacking/eating the fish in the 55 I put other option but to put them in here 'cuz it was empty & running at the same time.

    In speaking of which, I meant for the girls to go in the 55, but they got IP's and the angels had them too, so it was easiest just treating one batch over 2[but the IP's are HISTORY now]...and besides, Vervayne is happy in the 55gal [another contradiction of mine that shows that male bettas can thrive in a 55gal...and I didn't even think that was possible!]. :)
  5. Furallicah

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    Tore/ripped from flaring...I have never had that happen to a betta.
  6. OP

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    Red1313, I've actually been keeping girls together for 3? years now...and it seems to be going well, so yeah! I have awesome bettas! :D

    I think the thing is, you have to turn a blind eye to them when they nip each other's fins because even *tetras* do that[oh and in that, my experience is, the fins grow back in a day], BUT, if it gets violent, open body wounds, THEN separate[and nurse them back to health, keeping them on their own from that point, on], which so far, I only had to do once because of an old betta that was in here[until she died of dropsy not too long ago after being here for 2 years].

    Time will tell though on how everyone will get along tho. :) So far so good!
  7. OP

    k2_18New MemberMember

    Really? It happens ALL the time when *one* introduces a new betta in any tank...with other fish or not [usually, not with other fish in my case, unless it's a betta girl].
  8. Furallicah

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    Well I wish you the best on that. And look forward to updates!

    *Edit, by flaring do you mean attacking/bitting. Because I have never had a betta flare and rip a fin before.*
  9. Red1313

    Red1313Fishlore VIPMember

    There are alot of folks with boys in community tanks and MM I believe even had a boy with an entire 55 gallon to himself at one point I believe. It depends alot on the fish you have.

    It typically happens in HM males, in the females here I would suspect it's part of the typical aggression in maintaining a hierarchy.

    Wishing you the best, it sounds like you're keeping an eye on things. Just remember that if things go south you could have a mass war overnight. I just find sororities a little to stressful for me. :p
  10. OP

    k2_18New MemberMember

    No, just flaring, the circle each other, but not attacking/biting...atleast it's rare they do from all I've seen and I'm always home right now unless I randomly grab the car keys and take my friends out to go eat or something or go to school which isn't often[I'm in "school" through the internet].
  11. OP

    k2_18New MemberMember

    Red1313! Ninja'd me! haha

    Anyways, I'm totally prepared for a war with them, but they mostly just hide in the plants until I walk up to the tank and they figure out I'm feeding them [in either case, they are always next to each other].
  12. damprye

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    I like the fact that you put up a sucessful sirority as, when sucessful, it is a wonderful thing to watch, I love my two girl sirority (a DT and CT)... well I did till my son killed one of them :(
    Also I have a male VT who absolutely thrives in a 55g, 90*F tank all to himself although he will have to give it up soon enough for my fry unless I go get yet another tank lol.
    I thought that having the temp going so high would kill him but he loves it (temp is from environment not heater)
  13. Shawnie

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    all those bettas dont look like glad its working but its not the norm.....
  14. OP

    k2_18New MemberMember

    Umm...Shawnie, they ALL are FM bettas...They have the egg laying things [they are gravid] they are all shortfinned which usually indicates they are females [well with betta splendens; plakats are different].
  15. OP

    k2_18New MemberMember

    I had a 2 girl sorority and they were fine! I recommend a few more tho to keep the attention off of one another, but I know sometimes, it's hard when one wants to rip the others apart, fin by fin...and lol about the temp! Wendigo, my black, red, & green male betta loves his 86 degree water so 90 degrees isn't too far of a strech. :p
  16. Martinismommy

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    I'm simply speechless on this thread...
  17. Lucy

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    Except maybe this:
    Ime & opinion, this is not normal betta behavior
    Perhaps they act that way because of this:
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  18. Furallicah

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    Look at this,
    Plus Shawine I was kind of wondering the same thing.
  19. OP

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    hahahahahaha You proved my point! I was wondering how long it would take before I got flamed and guess what!? Your forum is no different then all the others on the internet!!

    And you know what else? Sororities do work! Your trying to find ways to make my tank/me look wrong, but it's not working. HAHAHAHA

    Even bassbonediva here has a working sorority! She uses the same methods I do, only she has a 55gal and these girls[yes they are girls maybe you'd learn that once you learn to read] were in a 55gal.
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    Your post has been edited. Please refrain from calling members names and being rude.

    Flamed? No, I'm sorry, I was simply quoting you.
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