Sore spots on blue gourami

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in the last week a couple of spots have developed on the right hand side of the guarami it is acting a bit lackluster and one of the sword tails has decided to start nibbling at it's fins so i've isolated him I'll include a picture and if anyone can deduct what's wrong i'd love a heads up thanks ???

me again different picture bit clearer
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It looks like an injury and since you are saying that the swordtail was nibbling the fins, he has had some other hostility of some kind from somewhere.  I do not see any indication of what other fish are in the tank but he needs to be quarantined to heal and he is going to need a med to heal (NOT Melafix or Pimafix) Maracyn 2 would be good for this type of injury.  (or Furan 2)  It could be that one of the other fish has tried to take chunks out of him.  Do you by any chance have any other gouramis or, heaven forbid, a betta in there with him?  If so, you have a problem.  Two fish of the gourami persuasion can fight to the death if they feel crowded, or if it is the first Tuesday of the month  , or if they have a tummyache, or whatever reason they feel makes a good one, sometimes no reason at tall.   (BETTAS are of the gourami family and we have had deaths of both gouramis and bettas in tanks where they were placed together)

Since you have him isolated now, give your tank a good looking at and see that there is no decor that has sharp or pointed edges of any kind, plants that have any types of protrusions that may have poked him.  Also could you please let us know what other fish you do have in your tank.

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Thanks rose since you responded the gaurami continues to look happier he is feeding and displaying when the other fish come close I'll go to the pet store today to get the meds. there dosn't seem to be anything in the tank apart from the other fsh that could have caused the damage. the water quality results are as follows.

Nitrate 40-80
Nitrite 0ppm
Amon 0ppm
pH 6.8-7.0

water temp is 26 degrees c or 78 f however you choose to look at it.
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I would run the temperature up a couple of degrees Fahrenheit to 80 or to 27 degrees Celsius whichever you use. Then you have higher than desirable Nitrates and the very best way to handle them that I know of is REAL PLANTS, but until you can do something about them I need you to check for Nitrates in your tap water with no additions of any kind in it. We need to know if the Nitrates are occurring naturally in your tap water or if it is a tank issue. You can go to using Amquel+ (has to have the + in the name) for a conditioner to help IF your tank is already cycled, but I have HIGH naturally occurring Nitrates where I live and the best solution is still the plants. They use Nitrates as a type of fertilizer and neutralize them. You will actually have nicer plants because you have water that is not so good for Nitrates...go figure. The thing is, it takes more than just one or two and I do not know how big your tank is so...more water, more plants to get the problem fixed. If the plants do not strike your fancy and you do not want to use the Amquel+ and the Nitrates are occurring naturally, then there is always the option of using Spring Water - not Distilled or Drinking water. It is an expensive way to correct the situation, really the plants are the most economical method.

I do hope some of this is helpful. Please keep us up to date on the little one.

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The Gourami is acting normal but the wounds look more like ulcers now. With the increased temp I've noticed the tiger barb has a bigger attitude chasing the other barbs persistently. What can I do? ??? The Gourami has been a real healthy fish and apart from these gross wounds still is have a look at pic and tell me what you think please
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Hopefully this will help. It looks like bacterial ulcerations to me.
Aunty Cake
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:-\ :-\ :-\Are any of the other fish showing similar signs? ??? what are your water qaulity readings since last you checked ??? I do hope it clears up looks like an ulcer and will need some meds

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