Sooooo Excited!


HI Everyone...I am a new member to FishLore and just wanted to share the soon to be newest member to the family!
He is *stunning* to me, and my first Thailand Betta baby {swoon}.
I also have 4 other Betta boys who are, of course, Too Cute!
3 Veiltail boys, 1 Crowntail boy and the new Halfmoon boy. Now to decide where to put the new guys tank  :-\
My tanks are...
6.6 gallon Red Veiltail
6.6 gallon SteelBlue Veiltail
10 gallon DarkBlue/Blush Veiltail
20 gallon Blue/Green Crowntail
I am so excited {does happy dance}.
It's a pleasure to join this post and I hope you enjoy my new boy as much as I do.
And yes...I will post pictures of my other boys too!

Have a Great Day...Jan

Okay, so the picture didn't work...Hmmm. I will link to the auction...


Not sure why but your pic is not working for me. Try uploading it again.
Welcome to you and your Betta boys!  What are their names. We like to get to know to our Betta members by name.
Sounds like you have MTS (Multiple Tank Syndrome) too. I currently have 7 Bettas, 6 females and one male Crowntail (see sig)
I look forward to seeing pics of your boys (and my girls would like to see them too!) 


welcome Jan & betta boys!! I can't wait to see pics of them.Natalie


He's a beautiful Betta! My wife LOVES his coloring!

Welcome to you and your Betta boys. Looking forward to pics & names. We've got 3 Bettas now.


Welcome to you and your Bettas (of course we want to know their names as has been stated). My little minions are Alexander (Teal OHM; Marty Jr. (Blue/White OHM); JT (Copper/Red HM); Nate (Red/Cellophane Butterfly HM). Each has 12 gallons of space either in a 12 gallon tank or in the divided 25 gallon tank. I have a baby Red OHM coming probably Friday and his name is Demon.

We all want to welcome you and wave hands and fins as vigorously as we can.

Come back and get to know us and let us get to know you all. We can hardly wait to see the pictures.



Wishing you and your 4 ( lucky you) betta boys a big welcome. Post pics & names when you can - we are all like a bunch of proud old mother hens with our fish kids!! Val & Neptune..........( still only one........sigh--------but he is testing me like 10) LOL

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