Something's wrong with my buddy.

  1. Bettaman2 Member Member

    Hello Fishlore, I have had my Betta for three years now, and he has been an awesome little pal for all that time. But now I'm getting worried about my little buddy, he used to float around halfway up in the tank, but now he finds a way to curl around the heater or lays against the plants, extend his fins, and just lays there. When he isn't doing this he acts normal enough, he eats normally, and his swimming isn't full of "mini-seizures" like I've seen in some Bettas before. I am worried that this behavior could lead to something worse, has anyone ever seen behavior like this in a Betta? And might it lead to something worse? He's a crowntail, but I don't really know if that information makes a difference. Thanks for any reply.
  2. betta fan 99 Well Known Member Member

    How big is your tank and what's its temp? What time of day does he do this at?

  3. Bettaman2 Member Member

    My tank is a 20g, with temperature at 82 degrees Fahrenheit, he mostly does it Mornings and nights, but those are the only time I really look at the tank since I am out the rest of the day.
  4. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    It could be that he's just getting old, if you've had him 3 years & he was probably around 6 months when you got him, I believe around 4 years is their average lifespan.
    Just make sure sure his water is clean & he's eating well & keep an eye on him.

  5. Bettaman2 Member Member

    The water gets filtered twice, once through an Aqueon filter, and once through a penguin water wheel filter, he eats enough, he out-eats the Angelfish, and other than thiw weird behavior he's normal enough.
  6. petaddiction Well Known Member Member

    It could be age. is it a 20 g tall or 20 g long?
  7. Bettaman2 Member Member

    20g tall.

  8. petaddiction Well Known Member Member

    hmm. do you have any tall plants or a betta hammock or log in the tank? The distance to the top could be quite tiring even for a young betta, more so for an older one.
  9. Clement Chee Initiate Member

    A three-year old betta is old. None of my betta survived that long.