Something Wrong With Peacock Cichlid!

  1. BlazeitChris

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    Hey everyone,

    As stated in the title, one of my cichlids has something abnormal going on and I'd like some advice on how to fix it. It seems that he has a white "blotch" on the top of his head near the dorsal fin that may be destroying tissue :nailbiting:. Funny thing is, is that he behaves completely normal with the other fish. Granted, he may have gotten into a tussle with another tank mate but I'd like to be sure before jumping to conclusions. Currently I've quarantined him in a 20 hex by himself.
    I will post water parameters tomorrow.
    55 Gallon stock:
    Moderately planted, running Fluval 406 and C4
    4 Male Peacock Cichlids
    2 SMALL (2") Clown Loaches
    1 Blood Parrot
    1 BN Pleco

    IMG_5043.JPG IMG_5045.JPG IMG_5044.JPG
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  3. OP

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    Interesting, can it spread to other fish? I'm unfamiliar with this disease.
    Will it eventually kill him? Ironically, he seems to act healthier than ever.