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Discussion in 'Puffers' started by Trosit, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. TrositNew MemberMember

    Hi all,

    It would appear one of my green spotted puffers has a tail fin issue. It's not rotting at the edges at all. There seems to be fungus or a film covering from his body edge to half way to the edge of the tail. Just that area. What could this be? Could he have been bit by the other puffer at the base of the tail and it's fungus covering the wound? His dorsal fin however does seem like a bit of fin rot. All other fins are fine.

    He was recently stressed being a tank that was unsuited for him. He had nearly stopped eating and was lethargic. Since last week I've upgraded his tank and bought a proper heater and ensured the water levels were all set to go. He's a happy little fish again! Totally being the greedy energetic munchkin I knew him to be :) What is the issue with his tail though? I'm worried it's a much bigger problem.

    Help please and thank you.

  2. pitbull_ncValued MemberMember

    If there is anyway that you could post a picture it would be extremely helpful. I know it can be hard at times however seeing it and hearing it described can sometimes be two different things.
  3. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Good morning,

    :animal0068:I have moved your thread from Brackish Tank Forums to Puffers section of the forum.

    Best wishes for your fish!

  4. TrositNew MemberMember

    I tried really hard to get a picture but my camera isn't good enough to focus. The best I could get are here:  

    if you can see, from the base of his tail looks dirty. What are some other fin related issues I could research? Could he actually just be dirty? He's acting perfectly normal every other way.
  5. Kilala_94New MemberMember

  6. TrositNew MemberMember

    There should be enough salt. The rest of the stats are

    Nitrate = 0
    Nitrite = 0
    Alkalinity = 120-180
    pH = 7.4-7.8

    Temperature is 75F. Is there anything else I should test for? Although it doesn't appear to be fin rot is there any harm in medicating anyways?
  7. pitbull_ncValued MemberMember

    I noticed that you said ph is in between 7.4 and 7.8 is it fluctuating this much or are you just having trouble reading the test kit. Also most saltwater fish require a higher temp usually between 78-80. I don't know if either of this would make him prone to disease but I do know diseases like ich don't do well in high temperatures which may be another possibility to look into. It is really hard to see in the picture
  8. TrositNew MemberMember

    Yea, it's really hard picking one colour against the other on those tests. I don't think I have the option of raising the temperature on the heater I have. If Blunder starts looking/acting sick I'll have to search for one that allows me to change the heat. The thermometer is on the opposite side of where the heater is placed though. I guess I could move the heater to the middle portion of the tank.

    Other than his tail and dorsal fin he seems healthy. I guess there aren't any other diseases to consider. I'll update if he gets better or worse. I did a quarter tank water change today, we'll see if there's any change :)

    Thanks everyone!
  9. TrositNew MemberMember

    Just wanted to update: As of 2 months later, there has been no change in Blunder. He's still a happy little fish with what looks like a filthy fin. But eats good, plays well with Boomer (as long as they're not fighting over the same snail), must be ok! Yay for their owner :)

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