Something On My Siamese Algae Eater


HI guys.

So I've noticed something weird on my SAE and can't seem to find any indication on what it could be...

Sorry if the pics are bad but he hides and isn't very photogenic!




It's a small raised lump on his chin which looks red. It's definitely not part of his natural colouration.

I'm not sure if he's scratched himself in his mad dashes (he's a bit skittish) or if it's a parasite or a cyst of some kind. My first thought was a parasitic worm but it doesn't match any of the symptoms. He's eating, swimming and chilling, no rapid breathing or redness anywhere else. His fins are fine.

I've dosed with Paraguard for the time being and will do a big water change tomorrow. I also found a big pest snail and seem to have issues with my plants dying lately so I have no idea if it is all connected.

Any advice would be welcome to soothe my weary mind. He's my oldest and favourite fish and I want to make sure he's okay.

Tanks and Plants

Maybe it’s fish lice, I would catch it and then gently look at it and maybe if you can take a picture and then repost it. It’s very hard to give you advice because we can’t see the actual “thing”

Good luck

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