Something is wrong with my platy Help

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    Hello Fishlore:
    There is something wrong with my platy. He has his tail clamped and there seems to be fin rot and a hole in its tail. I have 2 other female platys and 2 male guppies in a 10 gallon tank. I had an ich outbreak in this tank since I didn't quarantine the guppies. I raised the temperature to 86-88 and every other fish got better except for the male platy. I decided to lower the temperature to 78-80 and remove my plants and start a make-shift plant tank with a Kritter-Keeper container and my LED from my 10 gallon. After that, I started treating my tank with 1tbs/gal. and the male platy became more lively but developed a hole in its tail. I put the salt in yesterday after a through gravel vac and 50% pwc. I plan on doing a water change tomorrow(50%) and add 1tbs. I don't know what to do with the fish. All my other fish look like they did before the ich except for my male platy, please help. Thanks. Oh and 1 more question, when I added the salt, I left the aquarium carbon in the filter, would this remove the salt?
    Here are my tank stats:
    (1) how long the tank has been set up: about 7 months.
    (2) aquarium size: 10 gallons
    (3) fish: 3 platys (2females-1male) 2 male guppies
    (4) plants and inverts in the tank: (removed during treatment) 2 amazon swords, 6 java ferns
    (5) chemicals used: Tetra Dechlorinator, API Aquarium Salt
    (6) your maintenance schedule: (regular) 1 pwc weekly (30% or 3 gallons) (during treatment) 1 pwc every 2 days (50% or 5 gallons)
    (7) ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 13 (My tank was cycled via fishless cycle)
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    carbon wouldn't remove salt. It sounds like your male may not make it, but be proud of yourself that you were able to save the others. sometimes we do more harm than good when we try to prolong our fishy friend's suffering with medication and treatment. I would leave him in isolation without treating him with anything but TLC and keep a close eye on him. Good luck, and I hope you can keep your tanks healthy and thriving.

    Are you using your Kritter Keeper as an isolation tank for the sick platy?
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    Thanks for responding! My platy is now swimming around the tank with the other fish but before the salt treatment, he stayed near the gravel bed and hid behind ornaments. He still has the tattered tail so I will keep an eye on him. Thanks for the advise.