Something Is Very Wrong With One Of My Dalmatian Platys. Please Help Me

  1. FishRockFrogBit21 Member Member

    My platy was fine this morning literally. I come back 12 hours later and he is extremely extremely bloated and his scales on his side are raised up. He is obviously distressed. What happened? Is there anything I can do? (Photos attached. I tried my best to get the clearest one I could)

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  2. nurseemily Member Member

    dropsy (edema) is swelling of the fish which results in puffed out scales. that's all I know. someone else will definitely know more tho.

    I hope adding links are OK - but here is a link to Dropsy and how to treat.

  3. sfsamm Well Known Member Member

    Raised scales and bloating sounds like dropsy. I've never dealt with it myself but I do believe it's a tough one to beat. Hopefully someone comes along quickly with treatment advice as I know it's one that needs quick attention. In the meantime do you have any meds of any kind in hand? List those and your water parameters (temp, Ammonia, nitrIte and nitrAte) tank size, tank mates and maintenance schedule/routine. If you can get a photo from above showing the extent of the pineconing do that as well. And I am fairly confident you'll be advised to put her in qt for treatment so you could get that ready while waiting for a treatment plan.
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  5. FishRockFrogBit21 Member Member

    So here are my water parameters. I do water changes every 2 weeks at 30 percent. I have a 55 gallon tank and a fluval 405 which is meant for a 100 gallon tank

    .25 ammonia level
    Nitrate is at 40 ppm
    Nitrite is at 0 ppm
    Water hardness is at 300ppm
    Chlorine is at 0 ppm
    Alkalinity is at 180ppm
    P.H. Is at 7.8

    We use tap water and out water hardness and ph has always been high because of the area we live in but our parameters have always been good. So I went and spoke to some people and had my water tested again. They were very confused as to how my fish developed dropsy. As it is usually developed by poor tank maintenance.

    How long can a fish have symptoms of dropsy before physical symptoms appear? As I’ve had this fish for months and he would never come to the surface to eat and was a lurker. I did see my eat algae off my plants and other foods I added to the tank that eventually floated to the bottom. I figured that was his nature since he acted like this from day 1.

    I euthanized him last night after reading on many different websites and in a couple of my books that once physical symptoms show it is pretty much impossible for them to recover and is fatal. It really bothered me to do that but I didn’t want him to suffer

    I just need to know now for preventive measures.
  6. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    If your ammonia is anything but 0 it's an indication that the water change schedule should be adjusted a bit. I would do 30% changes once a week instead of every 2 weeks. I also keep my nitrates at 20ppm or below.
  7. nurseemily Member Member

    I'm so sorry about your fish. Dropsy sounds horrible to fish so I think you ultimately did a very kind thing.

  8. FishRockFrogBit21 Member Member

    Thank You. I know I made the best decison, It just really hurt to have to do it.
  9. Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    Dropsy can also be attributed to most organ failures which could link back to genetics rather than care. Though any ammonia showing up can be cause for alarm even at low levels, livebearers are for the most part much better at handling harsh conditions that kill more sensitive fish.
  10. FishRockFrogBit21 Member Member

    Is there any tests that can accurately state ammonia levels. Like a real accurate number instead of increments? The test kit I have only has a few indication levels and so does the place I get my water tested. I've always read it is pretty much impossible to get a complete ammonia level of zero aside from doing complete water changes, (which I'm afraid to do because I dont want to shock my fish out of their environment and what they have been accustomed to) but I know it should be as close to zero as possible. I will be doing another water change later this week as I've already done one this week. I am just trying to develop preventative measures now. Should I expect other fish to get sick? I have read it isn't contagious, but other fish of the same species may be at risk and I have been keeping an eye on them they are all acting fairly normal. I havent noticed any other behavioral indicators

  11. sfsamm Well Known Member Member

    Good info here for sure! That's not to say though, I want to be sure to be specific, that poor water conditions can and do cause organ failure that results in Dropsy. Not saying OP had poor water conditions, just want to make sure someone reading later doesn't assume Dropsy is genetic. It can be caused by both and a poor genetic composition will leave a fish more vulnerable to developing the condition, even at times in perfect water. :)
  12. Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    It is not contagious unless it is a bacterial form which can spread, though with as fast as he caught a developed it I am not sure what to think. In a cycled tank you should be reading no ammonia due to ammonia consuming (and nitrite producing) good bacteria. I have the freshwater test kit from API which is fairly accurate (there are more accurate tests but they are much more expensive, this one is between 25-36$ for the kit).