Something I Noticed


People get fish based on their juvI size, not based on their adult size. a 55 gallon tank can’t house 6 sharks, 3 plecos, 10 angelfish and 15tetras. Get fish that will fit your tank long term otherwise you will be forced to rehome or upgrade your tank and a lot of people can’t afford to upgrade to a 125+.

JuvI sizes aren’t the way to fill your tank, research prior to purchasing the fish and how big they will get.


I think it’s just inexperienced keepers. Some of us, rather most of us have probably had some sort of problem with stocking, compatibility and not figuring out what the size of the fish is.

It’s really about...”that fish looks cool, be nice in my tank, that fish has some personality...I want it in my tank...”

It’s part of the’s like golf...Hey that looks easy!

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