Someone's Killing My Fish !! Help

  1. farhan1997 Initiate Member

    Someone in my tank is killing all my male guppies and female bettas.
    Tank is 15 gallon.
    Inhabitants are
    1 female juv pearl gourami
    1 juv angelfish
    1 female betta(only one left out of 5)
    1m 1f platy
    1m 1f platy swordtail hybrid
    Around 10 female guppies.
    Moved my 5 male guppies to a 4 gallon tank temporarily(no heater).
    I even see my female guppies picking on my betta. Can anyone tell me who could be the culprit?
  2. Sion Member Member

    Are sure it's another fish to blame and not your water parameters? The tanks looks quite heavily stocked.

    If I had to pick a likely source of aggression it'd be either one of the male platies or the anglefish.

  3. Ed1957 Well Known Member Member

    Your tank is way overstocked. Any angelfish does not belong in a 10 gallon. Neither is the pearl gourami appropriate. Male female guppies will breed and do not need to be in the same tank. About 8 male or female guppies are all the tank will support. You need to do a water test. There is so much overcrowding that that may cause aggression.
  4. FishFlake38 Well Known Member Member

    It is actually probably ammonia poisoning, or aggression from all of the fish, as male guppies and female bettas are both colorful fish with fins that are easily nipped. Fancy guppies are also much weaker now as they have been selectively bred to achieve their coloration. So it probably is more of a spacial problem then a problem with a certain fish. In addition, 5 female bettas in a 15 gallon could've easily killed each other, betta sororities are very risky.

  5. A.J Member Member

    The tank is definitely overstocked. Pearl Gouramis should go in at least a 29 and the same as angelfish and swordtails. There may not be enough space in the tank. If I had to pick a culprit, it may be the angelfish.
  6. farhan1997 Initiate Member

    The angel, pearl and swordtail where removed and the problem was solved.
    Added a pair of dwarf gourami though.
    Current stocking:
    Pair of dwarfs.
    Female betta
    A variatus and a mickey platy(both female)
    1 male and 3 female guppies.

    Is the current stocking good?
  7. Ed1957 Well Known Member Member

    The guppies will mate. If any of the fry live you will get overstocked. Dwarf gourami will fight. I believe the beta will have aggression issues.

  8. FishFlake38 Well Known Member Member

    Glad to see the problem has been solved! There are still some stocking issues however. That tank is to small for a pair of dwarf gouramis. The tank is pretty well stocked now, and I would just leave it as is (minus the gouramis) in order to maintain a healthy aquarium;)
  9. Ed1957 Well Known Member Member

    There are male and female guppies. How is that good stocking. If any of the fry live the tank will get very over populated.
  10. FishFlake38 Well Known Member Member

    Keeping male and female guppies together is common practice, and allows the fish to act out natural behaviors. It is very easy to design an aquarium that greatly minimizes survival rate of fry, and he is keeping a betta, which is a specialized predator, in with the fry. (look at the diet in the wild, almost all animal matter) Yes, a few fry might survive, but you can easily find a place for those few that do survive.
    I have never seen keeping male and female guppies together listed as a stocking issue before, just a warning stating that there is a chance they may breed.

  11. Ed1957 Well Known Member Member

    But when your at max stocking I see any fry a problem. It is not easy getting rid of guppies.