Someone stole my bike

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I did actually state that as a concern.
We owe responsibility to our neighbors, but there is a limit. It would be nice for Cory to do this. If it were me, I'd do it, but that's just because I'm at home much of the day. Other people have more hectic schedules than my own, and I understand that. Just offering it as a possibility.
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Yea. I am pretty busy and doing stuff every weekend and afterschool. Hanging out with friends, girls haha, school work, sports practice, and all that good stuff.

I don't know if I could hold my end of the deal up on being a good role model since I am so busy. Still no iPod back....
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Cory, did the police not mandate that he return the ipod? If they did and he hasn't yet I would call them back out to go retrieve it. If he is being such an annoying little bugger perhaps he is making your decision for you...
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Theft is an act of temptation, resilience to this temptation is developed around the age where children learn to talk, give a year or two. And if this kid hasn't learned this he won't unless he sees what happens to people who can't resist. You should save him by showing him the reward of theft. So that he sees the other side of crime he won't think its cool anymore. Judging my his parents divorce/remarry they probably aren't to involved in his life so he naturally projects deception as a reflex to consequence. You should save this boy and press charges for the iPod the bike and all the downloads.
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I disagree entirely. At 11 years old, the primary influence in the kid's life is his parents. (or, if it's not, then his parents are definitely to blame)

If our juvenile detention system was directed more at redemption than at revenge, I would agree wholly with the idea of pressing charges, but in general, juvenile detention just reinforces to the kids that they'll always be criminals.

Cory, I understand just how much it sucks when kids do stupid things. On the bright side, you know who did it, the parents are going to be paying to repair the damage. Hopefully this will be a wakeup call for both parents and kid, and things will begin to change in the neighborhood.

Sir, you so hit the nail on the head!! As a mother of five girls, it ALWAYS starts at starts first off with understanding, correction, and consistancy...communication is huge now a days, are not like when some of us were and econmical issues are totally different...I made a commitement when I started having children that a daycare or babysitter wouldnt be raising them..that way if ANYTHING went wrong, id have no one to blame but myself...Ive been fortunate that my girls have grown to be respectable adults, which is what I intended to do from day one, but sometimes you run into situations where you gotta step back and take a look at that child and ask yourself why they took those things..Ipods are huge..alot of kids have them, a lot want them..its just the beginning of a long line of "stuff" that children certainly can have, if they work for it..not steal it or borrow it etc...goodluck cory, and I think you of all learned a good lesson on this..even if the ipod isn't returned!
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for months I have been asking my shelf what is happening to our youth why do they not reach out and get the help they need I now know we are to busy put them in jail cause we can not take the time to help or mentor them. thank god I am a 70's baby where every one had time to help each other.I have learned this the hard way as I said before by losing my son we all need each other, his parents my be doing every thing they can for him but it may not be enough sometime that outside person can reach a place that a parnet can not sorry if the gramer is off

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