Some Weird Plant Or Algae


I'm new to the forum and have I have a 20l tank with a piece of driftwood, and some plants, I know I have the anubias, java moss but I don't know what the others are. For fish I have a Male koI betta who is very calm and peaceful. I also have a farlowella catfish, a dojo loach, a horseface loach, and a dwarf crayfish. For awhile now I've had this really weird plant sort of thing growing on 2 of my rocks and starting on my driftwood. Up close it looks like a shrunken down tree. If it's not harmful to anything I'd like to keep it and let it grow a bit since it looks pretty cool. Does anybody else have this or had it before? I'm getting some hair algae on my anubias leaves that I have to get rid of. I do plan on changing my substrate to sand soon since I want to try and get another horseface loach. Would I need to put root tabs in the sand for the plants?


looks like some staghorn algae coated in slime algae. Both are bad and should be removed. And yes, I would put root tabs in the sand for the plant, but just one under the plant.

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