Some semi-final tank prices Help!

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Okay I have been shopping around a lot and have finally zero'd in on the price of my saltwater aquarium.

125 gallon acrylic tank --> $700 locally possibly $800
Stand --> my dad and I will make and I think he will pay for the materials
Canopy --> $250
Protein Skimmer --> 100$
Live Rock--> Wow I Just looked on eBay... fijI live rock pre-cultured 1.95/lb... 125 lbs would be 250 + 80$ shipping
Lighting System --> For soft corals around probably $300-400

Total Price of what has been listed = Around $1700-$1800

I'm not sure what else I would need other than sand, fish, corals, salt, testing kits, heaters, and possibly an anemone.

I have a UV and an R/O filter on my house.

If anyone has advice or help for me please post it.
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Ouch?? Maybe a second mortgage on your house might be necessary?? :'( :'(I would check around and look for some used stuff maybe ebay or something local to you like newspapers might have something cheaper. Why do you chose arcyrilic? I don't know much about it but I heard it scratches easier but also insulates better? Is this why? I am a little suprised that no tank makers have ever considered insulation the top cover a little better and too bad they don't have removable/replacable tabs on them. Once you break out the tabs you are screwed unless you want to put a piece of wood or something over it. I think It would be a good idea to start a business and design a cover that would be flexible to meet the needs of an ever changing aquarium.
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well its hard to find a tank that huge that's not in acrylic
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Yeah - a saltwater setup that size will cost some serious jack. That seems like an awesome price for live rock, unless it's base rock. Make sure you check out the reviews on the seller before purchasing anything on ebay.

As a rough guideline you'll probably need at least 125 lbs of sand which may cost another $100 or more. It depends on the dimensions of the tank and how much sand you plan on using.
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I like the Kiss principle. Keep it simple stupid. This really is getting complicated and indepth but also very interesting. How in the world do those big tanks stand up under all the weight of the water and rocks and/or sand amazes me. What further amazes me when I read of all these moderators with hundereds of gallons of water. I am suprised the floor doesn't' cave in.. Do most of you with huge and numerous tanks put it in a basment or take a chance of putting it on the plywood floors upstairs???
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K I got some new prices!

Stand and Canopy - DIY my dad and I will make
Tank- 550 on ebay for a 120 acrylic with overflows and dark blue back + 170 ship/ ship insurance = $720
Protein Skimmer- $100-125 (in sump)
Live Rock- <$350
Sand- $100
Heater- $40
Lights- Not sure but probably $200-$300 for some semI low wattage VHO lights for softer corals... I was thinkin around 3-4 WPG or maybe just go FOWLR and then get lights for christmas

W/D Filter- Around $200 but not necessary with live rock + protein skimmer from what ive heard

My total cost from my most recent and most realistic number crunching is = $1500-$1600 w/o a filter

All the ebayers had 99.X% positive reviews and yes it is live rock not base rock.

As for JI'm I could find a 125 Glass for $300 at my LFS but I prefer Acrylic Because it has built in overflows, has a sprayed on background, looks very nice and does not require hang on filters and such, is neat, retains 20% more heat, is clearer than glass, scratches can be buffed out, is 1/2 the weight of glass, and is up to 17X stronger than glass. Also Acrylic never leaks because the seams are sealed with a chemical that bonds the acrylic not silicone.

These are just some of the arguments for acrylic and their are only 2 real arguments against it... It scratches easier and is more expensive... As long as you take care of it and don't majorly scratch it small scratches can be buffed out. As for the price... its what you pay for all the great reasons to buy acrylic and I think they outweigh the extra $400.

JI'm the tops of tanks are not insulated so with more powerful lights like 400W+ metal halides and VHO's the tank doesn't overheat... these bulbs already need fans built into them and if the tops of the tanks were sealed up and insulated it would be difficult to keep some of the harder corals. Think of how hot your tank would get if you had some of the corals that need 10 WPG... You water would steam off and you would be a sad panda!
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Thanks Jon for the info on the tanks. I never heard of an overflow but the spray on back sounds neat. I struggled trying to get my (cut to fit background) on my 20 gall. Ther is caulk inside there I am guessing (between the 2 rI'm edges) and it takes a bit to cut it right without cutting it too small.
Yes I suppose even with fluorescent lights you put out a bit of heat on the fish especially if you leave on for a long time. Me I am an amateur so don't have plants yet or know if I want the extra hassle yet but I am sure I will try soon. I usually turn on my lights for about 4 hours per night to watch the fish. One goldfish tank by puter if I am on the internet and one by the t.v so watch them during the commercial and dull parts of movies.

I suppose if acrylic is stronger that's why they don't use them for the larger tanks. I was always wondering how the glass could survive those 75 gall with sand and gravel ect. Thanks for the info jon
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ive looked more at lights and I'm still leaning toward vho flourescents... I could get a 260 watt vho 48" (size of 120 G I'm lookin at) light system for around 120$ + some S&H... decent deal.

I think ill get a metal halide (could someone tell me how to pronounce halide?) system for christmas.... the metal halides i'd need for some harder and sps corals is flippin ridiculous... like $800-$1200

PS-- wow just found a new 2x400 watt metal halide system w/ ballast on ebay for $220... cha-ching I'm thinkin about this one... this is all the light id need for anything (basically)
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Thx for the site but it was a bit pricy... I found an aquarium that I ordered but thx.

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