Some Random Pics I've Made

Well, this past sunday our national society of livebearers had its 35th anniversary. We've celebrated this occasion by having a look behind the scenes of the Ocean at Burger's Zoo. After we had our official part overthere, we were able to spend our time at the zoo however we wanted to. So, I went to the aquarium to make some pictures of those fish. I'll show you some overhere...

pn35jaarburgerszooOktober282018 141.jpg

pn35jaarburgerszooOktober282018 142a.jpg

pn35jaarburgerszooOktober282018 143.jpg

pn35jaarburgerszooOktober282018 144a.jpg

pn35jaarburgerszooOktober282018 145.jpg

pn35jaarburgerszooOktober282018 146a.jpg

pn35jaarburgerszooOktober282018 148.jpg

pn35jaarburgerszooOktober282018 153.jpg

pn35jaarburgerszooOktober282018 158.jpg

pn35jaarburgerszooOktober282018 160.jpg
The Aquatic Weasel
Wow, nice pictures! If the The first 2 were red they would look much like paracyprichromis. I love that Emperor Angelifsh!
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