Some question about goldfish? PLz


I have some questions about goldfish all type of goldfish.

1- Do goldfish need salt in the water?
2- Do I need an algae eater for them?
3- Why some goldfish sit in the bottom of the tank, and then suddenly they swim normally?
4- How many hours of light do they need?
My tank is 10 gal. I have 10 gold fish. I have a huge airstone that gives oxygen and a filter.

10x for ur help.


Welcome to fishlore! I hope your experience wil be as positive as mine has been.

I am definitely not a goldfish expert but I can take a stab at these. Goldfish do not need salt in the water. You do not need an algae eater for them. The fish would probably be good with about twelve hours of light but I think the most important thing about the light is consistency... I have a timer so the light comes on and turns off at the same time everyday. I'm not exactly sure why the goldfish sit on the bottom of your tank.

Ten goldfish is probably way overcrowded for a ten gallon tank. There is a general rule of one gallon per inch of fish but I have heard that goldfish are much dirtier then tropical fish. Also, your goldfish will each grow to lengths much longer then one inch if they are not so already (I've seen them myself at six inches and heard they can get bigger) so you are either already overcrowded or soon to be.

I personally would suggest taking some of the fish back to the store that you got them from.

Good luck with your fishkeeping and please feel safe to ask any questions that you might have. The beginners section of this website has many great links including one explaining the nitrogen cycle and another about cycling a tank.


I have 4 28 cent goldfish in a 29 gallon tank to cycle it, but like gunnie said they are very dirty and I think even 4 1inch goldfish in 29 gallons is too much!but I'm trying to get my tank a little dirty to start the cycle. I think you are going to have a disaster on you hands soon!


The recommendation for goldfish is 20 gallons for the first goldfish and 10 gallons for each of the rest. So... You have 110 Gallons worth of goldfish there
Goldfish are very messy fish and they prefer cooler warer than tropicals.

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