Some pond fish bred in pond are black


Hi, our pond is 15 years old and started with a few small Orfes and a Ghost Koi. The Koi is over 55 cms long, and the older Orfes are with lots of smaller babies including 9 approx 15-25 cms black fish who love sunning their tails. Their scales look quite silvery on the side, and I would love to know if they are young Orfes, Koi or a hybrid? We keep a grid on the pond to deter herons, seagulls, cats and grandchildren.


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hmm thats weird ive had a similar thing to, ive got a 850gal pond with some shubinkins, comets, common goldfish and some crawfish. They recently breed and the batch was all small black singletail goldfish, but all batches before have been either white, gold or mixed(shubinkins). Im not sure if we have a similar case going on.

BTW pond looks great, what is that plant on surface? do you know roughly how many fish are in that pond? do you know how many gallons/litres it is?


I think our pond is about 4 metres by 2 metres with shelves - three depths, the middle one over one metre deep. Fish, one huge koi, about 16 Orfe and 9 black fish. Cost a fortune to feed which we buy in 10kg tubs I think. We have a good filter and water normally clear but we are just replacing the bulb. Floating on the top is organic watercress as the koi eats all the weed so I buy it from Waitrose and some of it roots. The fish love chewing it.


Oh, I have Lebanese watercresss and they eat mine too but it seems to grow really quick, my pond is 4 meters x2 meters but no shelves around 0.5 meters deep. Sounds like a really cool pond

Oh and I forgot to say

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