Some pics of my week old tank 10 Gallon Tank

  1. craigsankyo Initiate Member

    This is my week old first proper attempt at a planted. There is a little bit of tannin in the water, from either the DW or the soil (despite numerous boilings, I think it's still the DW)

    I'm still trying to figure out what the plants are (our LFS's here aren't exactly all knowing, and I seem incapable of getting success with this sort of internet research)

    Hope you enjoy the pics :D

    I'm contemplating going small with the stocking when we eventually get there, probably a Beta with a small bottom feeder and a few something else < 1inch in adult size.

    Ideas and comments welcome:;thx

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  2. Broq15 Initiate Member

    Your bottom 5th pic is a melon sword.
  3. theshiftys_jm Member Member

    Very nice looking aquarium!!!
  4. iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum! :;hi1

    Your plants look great! Sorry I can't help identify them, though. :)
  5. craigsankyo Initiate Member

    Broq15 : Thanks for the ID :D

    theshiftys_jm, iloveengl : Thanks, my SO was tasked with choosing plants and took upon herself to do the aquascaping, she's a lot more creative than me so that's why it looks good :D I'm kept around to do the maintenance lolz
  6. theshiftys_jm Member Member

    *LOLOLOL* Ahhh yes. I know exactly what you speak. My Mrs. is the same way. I clean, feed, and place the ornamentals as SHE wants them. *LOL* Right on!!! Good for your SO!!!!
  7. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello Craig. You've done a wonderful job with your tank. Please keep us updated :)
  8. click Well Known Member Member

    Great job. Here are my 2 cents on plant ID: the plant in the 3rd pic looks like Chain Sword to me. The next one seems to be a Green Crypt and the last looks like Amazon Sword.

    Looking forward to see more pics after you cycle.
  9. Gouramiguy17 Well Known Member Member

    looks really good, i wish i had your aquascaping abilities
  10. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

  11. jana Member Member

    Nice tank. The last one is an amazon sword and i have one too! :D
  12. Shadowbeam Member Member

    Looks lovely! You've done so much with a small space and it will be a very lucky fish that lives there :D
  13. craigsankyo Initiate Member

    thanks to all for the compliments - my SO is beaming from them :D

    Thanks also for the help Id'ing the plants, now I've got a name for 'em I can find 'em on the all knowing.

    Butterfly : thanks for the advice, is there a specific reason that plants with Rhizomes need to be attached to something as opposed to living off the substrate?