Some of my pets :)

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    you can ulpoad them to and post the IMG link here...
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    wow you have some very nice fish! Your parrot is cool! the goldfish are so fat LOL and i love your gecko :)
  6. fishfreak2009 Member Member

    thank you so much! All I wonder about is if my pink BP is really a BP, or is she some other crossbreed? I have never seen another one like her. I purchased her 10 years ago, and she had been at the fish store for 2 years before that.
  7. Tony G. Fishlore VIP Member

    She looks like a BP alright... though i gues she is dyed? :;dk idk... i'll post the picture here and see what ken says... he is our BP expert :giggle:
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    Both of these fish have been these colors for years. The pink one is in a different tank. She is very aggressive and kills everything, unlike my other 4 BPs (3 are not in the pics). Another thing is that she is longer and thinner than any other parrot I've seen (She's 13 inches long). I think she might be 75% red devil, 25% gold severum.
  9. Tony G. Fishlore VIP Member

    that's what happens with hybrids, they're all different. The pink one has more of a red devil IMO... and the little orange one kinda looks like a fem BP/M red devil mix... just look at the body shape... :;dk

    KEN!!! or shawnie ;D , WHERE ARE YOUUU!!!!
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    Anyone else have ideas on the pink parrot?
  11. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello Fishfreak. Hope you're doing well today. The orange fish looks like a Bloody Parrot to me. The light colored one may be a JellyBean? A JellyBean is a cross between a female Bloody Parrot and a male Pink Convict. Also this fish is called a BubbleGum Parrot. Shawnie has some JellyBeans so let's see what she has to say.
    They are "beautiful"! Thanks for sharing their photos!
  12. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    it could be almost a bunch of different crosses...the only one that looks like a jelly, is the second face on pic..but in the first(assuming pic 1 n 2 are the same fish?), the body shape isnt the same...not only that, a jelly wont get to be 13 inches if mixed with a con....
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    Thank you Shawnie!
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    pics one and 2 are the same fish. I figured she couldn't be part convict, just because of her size, but the color is the same (I have a breeding pair of pink convicts in one of my tanks). :;f :;fb :;fg :;fr :;sharky
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    bump :;jaws
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    The link worked for me! That first goldie is a total cutie pie! :D Cute fishies!!!
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    Wow. You have some beautiful fish! And lizards and frogs and turtles for that matter :). (the link worked for me as well)
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    i love your angels. your koi colored veil whit the golden yellow back looks very close to my male