Some of my fishies

  1. G

    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    My 100 gal. oscar tank.  It has 2 oscars, 1 jack dempsey, and 1 very large common pleco


    This is one of my multies in my shellie tank.  They are so cool.  I call them my mini bulldozers.   ;)


    This is one of my yo yo loaches.  I have 4 of them in my 20 gal. community tank.


    This is another picture of my Jack Dempsey in the 100 gal. tank. 

  2. s

    swimfan New Member Member

    Great pics Gunnie, those are some cool lookin' fish you have there!
  3. f

    fishphreak_4 New Member Member

    nice fish:eek:! i wish i had a 100 gallon makes my 30 gallon look small ;)
  4. f

    fletch Valued Member Member

    OK, how the do you do a water change for a 100 gallon? good pics though. wish I could get them looking like that
  5. OP

    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Thanks everybody! I love my fishies! Fletch, I use a   to clean my tanks. I wouldn't have my tanks long if I had to do water changes with a bucket! :eek:
  6. Mike

    Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Awesome pics Gunnie!

    I also use the python vac. Great product and highly recommended because it makes doing water changes a breeze.
  7. f

    fletch Valued Member Member

    hmm, thanks. that realy could be usefull. I hate changing the water
  8. f

    fishfreak Valued Member Member

    Nice fish Gunnie I like ur fish. I wish i had a hundred gallon tank.
  9. J

    Jason Well Known Member Member

    Nice fish, ive never seen a loach like that before, looks heaps cool.
  10. j

    joe Valued Member Member

    what kind of fish are those they look like bluegill.
  11. r

    rob2uk Valued Member Member

    Have you SEEN this pic? You'd tink they'd have been able to take a new pic sometime in the last 20 years! :D

  12. n

    newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    wow really cool fish!!!
    100 gallons :eek:...puts my 10 gal to
  13. R

    RoboDude Valued Member Member

    Beautiful fish, Gunnie! Could you take a picture of your Plecostomus, please!
  14. OP

    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    This is the common pleco in the 100 gal. tank:


    And this is my snowball pleco (LDA33) in my 55 gal. tank:

  15. Isabella

    Isabella Fishlore VIP Member

    What can I say ... except BEAUTIFUL !!! :eek:
  16. J

    Jason Well Known Member Member

    WOW Gotta love that Snowball Pleco! ;D
  17. j

    jim55379 Valued Member Member

    A Python? At first I thought you were joking. A snake would eat all the fish. I wonder how long it would take using 5 gallon buckets to change water in that tank. I have a 20 gal and use buckets and a long tube but not long enough because my hands get wet. Most of the time it doesn't self-siphon so you know what is next. A mouth full of fish water. Usually end up getting some water on the counters and floor along with wet socks. Maybe there is a better way after all. Sometimes I feel like a chemist trying to figure out what stuff to use for ph and alkalinity. I never took chemistry in High school. Oh oh!!! I tried some of this new stuff by tetra it's supposed to allow you to not change yoiur tank for 6 months. I checked the water before and 1 day after treatment and it didn't make a differnce on the ph strips. What's in that tetra stuff? Sugar water? Anyway nice fish..
  18. d

    dahly Valued Member Member

    Wow! Very nice indeed!
  19. n

    newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    Have you tried tilting the tube a little? I have one of those and its not quite long enough to do it strsaight up and down so i tilt it and it still works (but you have to kind of up and down it) You can get gastroenteritis if you accidentally swallow some of that :-X :-X :-X yuck
  20. g

    goldenrod1967 New Member Member

    Your fish are beautiful- oscars are my favorite!!!