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Discussion in 'Swordtails' started by summer, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. summerNew MemberMember

    ok so I wanted to breed fish - it is very satisfying to see them survive and grow.

    I wasn't 100% set-up for babies, but one of my new females was pregnant when I got her, so I got babies sooner than expected!

    mild panic but not too bad as I'd already researched it.

    so I thought I would record some observations here in case it helps anyone.

    1. we found the babies by accident hanging around under the floating plants. It seems the babies swim to the surface of the tank so having these plants here offers protection, and makes them easy to find. They were born at night so look out for them in the morning. I think they were a day old when we found them as we'd noticed empty egg sacs in the female the day before.

    2. we originally tried to put the pregnant female in a breeding trap but she hated it, so we let her out after 5 mins. I do not recommend putting healthy adult fish into these traps.

    3. we managed to find 4 babies and get them into the breeding trap along with some floating plants. I think the mother only had about 8 babies in total as she only had about 8 black spots inside her.

    4. the breeding trap is good to have the babies in as the water is the same as the main tank, and we can control how much food the babies get (and they don't get eaten).

    5. we did notice a 5th baby in the main tank but he was eaten by our biggest female almost at the same time as we spotted him!

    6. we fed the babies special baby food 3 times a day and after a week supplemented it with live artemia once a week, and frozen artemia once a day. the live artemia were almost the same size as the babies, but they loved them, yum yum.

    7. after 2 weeks we reduced feeding to twice a day (we have to work too lol).

    8. after 2 weeks the babies' bodies had grown enough so that their eyes looked normal (instead of looking like 2 giant eyes with a tail ha ha)

    9. week 4 and the babies are 3/4" long, fully coloured, and getting bored in the breeding trap. So we released them into the main tank. They were very surprised at first, but soon settled down. One of them likes to hang around with the neon tetra (more their size), 2 tend to stick together in the plants, and the 4th is happy to swim with the adult swordtails.

    10. our prolific male, Joey, is protecting the babies from the other fish. we've seen him chase some of the females who were getting too close, and one of our whiptail catfish got a real telling off when she accidently swam too near (or was it an accident? hmmmm)
    has anyone else noticed their male protect the babies in this way?

    11. when we switch the lights off at night the babies all swim to the top of the tank.

    12. Joey has been busy and all 4 females are pregnant again. I think we will only try to rescue 4 or 5 again as we don't have a big enough tank for too many babies.

    I love watching my fish, they all have names, and I can even tell which baby is which lol

    anyway - hope this helps someone, let me know if you have any questions :)
  2. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Hello Summer and Welcome to Fish Lore.

    Congrats on the spawn and fry! Thanks for all of the helpful information! I'm sure some of our members will find it very helpful :)

  3. acea091489Valued MemberMember

  4. babygirl303New MemberMember

    thats so cool, im about to start breeding them, i have two young females, and am about to get a male for them. im hoping i can keep some alive lol
  5. Disc10New MemberMember

    Those are some interesting observations, I'll see if I have a similar experience with my little swordtail. ;D

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