Some kind of white fuzzy crud is starting to build in QT

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by annewaldron, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. annewaldron

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    I'm on my second round of antibiotics for some kind of bacterial infection that my flame tetras have. I'm three days in on the five day course, and I see only slight improvement so far. 8 of the 9 look fine, but the largest one just doesn't seem to be shaking whatever he's got.
    (Whitish patches beneath the region of his dorsal fin, and most noticeably right next to his tail fin)

    But that's not really what I'm worried about. There is white fuzzy stuff starting to grow around the sides of the tank. Pics here:

    I'm running an Ovation 700 in my 10 gal QT with new established filter media put in before this round of meds, daily ammonia tests are coming back 0, although nitrates are dropping, so I'm expecting the cycle to crash here before long.

    Should I be concerned about whatever this crud is that's growing?
  2. Salazar

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    the crud is probably mold from a stray flake that got wet. i have it, and so do most people. don't fret
  3. Tigress Hill

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    I have it as well. It's just a food source not consumed by your fish, therefore mold grows on it. This is easily treatable with water changes and removal of uneaten food:;th
  4. OP

    annewaldronValued MemberMember

    The plan is not to do water changes while I'm medicating, so I'm hoping it won't get a lot worse.
  5. Lucy

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    Maybe use a turkey baster.
    You wouldn't be removing that much water.
  6. Salazar

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    ittl be ok
  7. fishfumble

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    Ok so I have a tank that never got started right... The my first tank disaster, I wont get into all that ;) my 3 fish dided within a week after my son put some who knows what water fom some leftover candy tube thing. They got white n fuzzy. Since my tank was never right to start, I was kinda glad. I had a constant ammonia problem, blame it mostly on the fathead goldfish..Now I can start over. So, theres no fish in it, its been about a week, I dont think I did a water change, just left it all as is incuding the poop and food.... Maybe I shouldve cleaned that out? Its a 25 gal, blue gravel, I just put in a few shiny black rocks, heater, temp 78, single penguin biowheel. I always for some reason had doubts about the light that came with it (used) it always seemed like the water was worse when I used it. I looked at it today, and theres a few small flies inside it, and mold growing. So I need a light, but I dont know what kind... I really dont know alot of things ;) uhm my point.... Lol
    There is fuzzy white stuff growing on the shiny rocks... that tank o death never grew anything, I actually wouldnt mind algae, but this is white. I really want a healthy tank to keep some happy fish in. so do I rinse the rocks, and glean the gravel wich will cause a water change? or is this healthy? Oh and the fish store guy said I have high alkaline, I already know, low low Ph, and about 2ppm ammonia, and that I should put in wood, and baking soda. Any non contradictory info to help me would be very much appriciated, thanks. ;)
  8. fishfumble

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    Correction, I did do water changes after the poisoning of yhe tank, just not since the last fish died. And also the fish guy could tell by the water test that ive been adding water for evaporation. And sorry about my misspellings ;)