Some kind of dye?

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    PutTankInAMall New Member Member

    Is my Bolivian Ram normally coloured? I think that my sand is getting black dye in the water. When I tried to add Glowlight Tetras, they all went to the surface then started to spiral down. Can the dye be an explanation for this?
  2. Dovah

    Dovah Well Known Member Member

    It seems like it could be a super stressed juvenile to me, though that is very dark.

    Why would you think that your sand has any sort of dye to be leached?

    Can you provide your tank size, filter, and water parameters? (temperature, pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.)

    What types of fish do you have in this tank and how many?

    What is the normal percentage water change that you do and how often?

    How are you acclimating your new fish to your tank?