some fuzzy growth on Java Fern

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by amrutahj, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. amrutahj

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    I have a ten gallon tank with a heater, filter and led hood. It houses my crown tail Betta Mr.Blue. Recently I have noticed some white fuzzy growth on my Java Fern.
  2. Butterfly

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    Java fern grows really slowly and is bad to get a little algae on it. How often are you doing water changes ?
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    Carol, just to verify, did you really mean to say that it is bad if java fern gets even a little algea on it? Or did you get autocorrected by a spellchecker and you meant to say that "it is bound to get a little algea on it"?

    Please say that you got autocorrected or else my java fern is doomed, and I thought it was a hardy plant not conquered that easily.
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  4. Butterfly

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    :) yep it is bound to be a little algae on it. If it's too close to the light especially :)
    they are hardy plants but because they grow so slowly java Fern and Anubias frequently get algae on them.
  5. OP

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    Thanks Butterfly, I was scared that my fern would die...

    I do the water changes weekly 15%.:;shat