Want To Sell (Some for free) cichlids and archer fish


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Have 3 banded archer fish, about 3” each. I bought these as clouded/fresh water archer fish, but judging by their colors I now think they are banded archer. I would like to sell them to someone with a brackish tank. 2 look healthy, the other is darker and looks stressed, not sure if this is from being in fresh water exclusively?

I have some cichlids I’ve been keeping outside in my porch pond, was going to move them inside for the winter, but the tank I set up is leaking now and I’m not sure I will get to reseal it before it starts to get cold. They don’t all need to go, but I probably want have tank space inside for the winter.

3 convict cichlids. 2”

2 Cuban cichlids 2-3”

2 peacock bass 2-3”

Not sure prices but make me an offer and we’ll have to figure out shipping. BUT if you are located in Colorado and want to pick these up in person you can have them for free.

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